Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Beam Scotty Up, God

James Doohan, 'Star Trek's' Scotty, dead at 85.

And yet Shatner lives.

UPDATE: Interesting factoid from AICN's item:

James Montgomery Doohan was born March 3, 1920, in Vancouver, British Columbia. At 19, James joined the Canadian army, becoming a lieutenant in artillery. He was among the Canadian forces that landed on Juno Beach on D-Day. The Canadians crossed a minefield laid for tanks; the soldiers weren't heavy enough to detonate the bombs. At 11:30 that night, he was machine-gunned, taking six hits: one that took off his middle right finger (he managed to hide the missing finger on screen), four in his leg and one in the chest. Fortunately the chest bullet was stopped by his silver cigarette case.

Whoa! Two thoughts:

1. You know you'll being looking for this next time you watch "Star Trek"

B. He could've been a rapper!

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