Thursday, July 14, 2005

Interview with a Suicide Bomber

Interesting piece in the London Times entitled "Are you ready? Tomorrow you will be in Paradise . . ." which includes a glimpse into the training and programming o a human bomb fighting for the religion of peace.

This guy survived a botched bombing run in 1993 and if you've got a calendar handy, you'll notice that this is about a DECADE before we invaded Iraq, so the pathetic lie the Left traffics - that the jihad is in response to Dubya's actions - is bogus to the core. (Just like liberals.)

Semi-related thought: After we kicked the Taliban out of Afghanistan, Christian missionaries went to provide aid and possibly pick up some converts. The Left went hysterical (their only reaction level other than "insane") and shrieked that we had no business trying to sell God to these people. However, the Left appears not to mind if Muslims spread their faith thru murder and mayhem.

To recap:

* People who give relief to the needy and tell them about Jesus Christ and offer a Bible = BAD!!!

* People who slaughter innocents, bomb their own mosques and believe in killing all infidels who won't convert to their barbaric creed = GOOD!!!! (Because it hurts their political enemies and weakens the country.)

Islam and liberalism = Death to the rest of us. It MUST be resisted!

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