Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Fourth of July!

There'll be plenty of time to discuss the coming jihad of the Dems against whoever gets nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor and what not next week. For now, I want you all to just kick back and enjoy the blessings that come living in such a great, albeit troubled, nation.

What's most astounding about the insane Left and their rage and hatred and constant harrangues about how EVIL America is in their eyes is how they don't seem to realize that the fact that they get to scream and act like total fools is because they live in a country that allows them the right to scream what they want and they just don't appreciate it.

Sure, they could go overseas and spew hate against America, but I wonder how they'd fare speaking against an Islamofascistic government (as if they would!) Gloria Steinem should go to Saudi Arabia and ask where her birth control is.

Appreciate your freedoms, folks, because they're going away (has your house been seized yet?) and will disappear totally if the fascist Democrats ever regain power.

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