Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Get Your Earplugs In!!!

Cuz if you thought the glass-shattering screams of the lying Left in their final death throes over their failed attempt to take down Darth Rove were unbearable, it's only gonna get worse now that Dubya has nommed a Supreme not down with the fascist "magic wand" approach to ruling us. Watching Larry Tribe and Ralph Neas on Charlie Rose and Nan Aron on earlier PBS coverage makes me wonder where the similar rhetoric was when a genuine radical threat like Ruth Bader Ginsberg was allowed to waltz onto the Bench of All Power?

Poor Randi Rhodes has lost whatever shreds of sanity she had left as she proclaimed the Islamofascist murderers in Iraq a legitimate opposition force to us because we're to blame for everything that's gone wrong since Saddam the Kind was wrongly deposed. She called Republicans "Nazis" and said that Dick Durbin was right to smear our troops. She insincerely wondered why no Repubs were demanding that Darth Rove be executed for "Traitorgate" - big words coming from someone who'd just given the wet kiss of approval to targeting our troops mere moments before.

Disgusting, but proof positive - in a funky and sad way - that everything they've been screaming about how we've lost our rights is yet another lie because if this were the case....

....we wouldn't be hearing their lies 24/7, would we?

And we wouldn't see biased ABC polls that show that 3/4 of the public have swallowed the Big Lies about the phony two-head martyr that is Wilson-Plame. (As seen in Vanity Fair! Repeatedly! Cuz they're undercover dontchaknow?!?) Nope, this Nazi regime would silence all this noise, wouldn't it?

So....why haven't they?

Could it be that the Left is lying? Again?


BTW: It should be noted that my joy at the pain cries and desperate tactics of the dying Left are in no way meant as support for the Stupid Party and Dubya. It's just nice to see Evil keep shooting itself in the foot. That is all.

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