Friday, July 08, 2005

A look in the mirror for America... the title of an insipid bleat from an America-hating asstackler who equates collateral damage in a war with deliberate murder of innocents. People like this are thoroughly divorced from reality, so take a look at the enemy within and count the hypocrisies, such as...

But to this day, there has been no major acknowledgement, let alone apology, by Bush or Blair for the massive amounts of carnage we created in a war waged over what turned out to be a lie, the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

This has been a major problem with the lying Left for they've turned bad intelligence into "a lie". It's not "lying" to be mistaken; it's not "lying" to be wrong. But in the eyes of the revisionist lying Left, it's all lies when THEIR OWN PEOPLE - CLINTON, KERRY, KENNEDY - SAID THE EXACT SAME THINGS AS DUBYA DID ABOUT IRAQ!!!! It was true then, but a lie now?!?!? Give me a f*cking break!!!!

I'll bet this joker didn't have a peep about Clinton's foray into Kosovo and the passenger train that was blown up by accident. I'll bet this loathsome fool doesn't believe that Saddam had anything to do with his fate, like, you know, refusing to abide by the UN decrees and allowing UNFETTERED inspections.

Up is down; black is white; America is evil and terrorists are noble. Only in the rancid, fetid "minds" of the lying Left.

Read it all. Know the enemy.

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