Friday, July 15, 2005

Fun and (Video) Games with Hillary! and the Lying Media!

What's one of the knocks the Left tries to deal on non-liberals is that they're Puritan killjoys, opposed to anyone having fun and blah-blah-woof-woof. "We're progressive and you're a bunch of Jesus freak bluenoses." You know the drill.

Well, it's been fascinating to see some new faces calling for censorship and censure of video games, especially the perenial whipping boy, the "Grand Theft Auto" series. Former First Enabler and current carpet-bagging politician from New York Hillary! Clinton is calling for Federal game regulation as part of her 2008 Presidential Campaign and its necessary white-washing of her extreme Leftist politics.

Last night, NBC Nightly News had a piece about the "Hot Coffee" mod for "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" which supposedly adds a sexually-explicit mini-game to the PC version. This is a crucial detail: THIS MOD ONLY AFFECTS THE PC VERSION, NOT THE PLAYSTATION 2 OR XBOX VERSIONS!!! The story said it was easy to download this evil patch and that the children needed to be protected from the horrors of seeing blockily-modeled game characters doing the gangsta bangsta.

Now, Hillary! et al were pretty silent while the PS2 version sold over 5 million copies last year and they don't seem have a problem with a game that feature early-Nineties South Central gangsta dropping the F-bomb mercilessly; missions that require National Guardsmen to be killed; that encourages the capturing of rival gang controlled territory by invasion with guns and murder - hmmmm, there seems to be a ironic angle here, too - but they suddenly flip out over the discovery of.... SEX?!?!??!

Rockstar North is being mum about this, but the issue is whether they violated the ESRB ratings procedures by hiding this content in the game to get an M-rating (Mature) as opposed to the AO (Adults Only) this would've warranted. The hacker who created the mod says he just unlocked what was already in there; Rockstar says he added it; Hillary! is being a hypocrite, since if anyone supposedly is cool with extraneous sex, it would be her.

Where the lying media jumps in is by omitting details that would undercut their misinformation. Just as they refuse to say that Joe Wilson is a liar while they witchhunt Darth Rove, the story showed kids playing with CONSOLE game controllers while the narration spoke of how easy it was to download the mod. CONSOLE VERSIONS ARE NOT AFFECTED!!!! Why is this damn important detail being left out?!?!? Could it be that to explain what's going on properly would make Hillary's grandstanding show of faux concern - along with the outrage of Cali Dem. Leland Yee and right-wing nutjob Jack Thompson (go read both) - seem like the pitiful lameness it is?

Anyone who thinks the fascist Democrats are interested in protecting freedom of expression should catch up with reality and see that they've got no problem fomenting bogus issues in which to stampede people into sacrificing their freedoms. The ironic thing is that they (the liberal believers) are too busy having Kool-Aid nightmare fantasies about Dubya to notice that their own beloved politicians are stringing the barbed wire for the camps they'll be herded into. Nice.

Intellectual honesty check: If Dubya, Rush, Hannity and Medved were acting like Hillary! and Yee, wouldn't liberals would be having a heart attack only eclipsed by their Rove dementia?

Yep. Thought so.


UPDATE: Gamespot has discovered that with cheat codes, Hot Coffee is accessible on the PS2 version. Rockstar has put itself into a bind by not totally removing the scrapped code, because while the liberals are being hypocritical demagogues on the issue, it's a lot harder for them to do so when they don't actually have something real to point to! Of course, this is only gonna get more people scurrying to buy it before it's recalled.

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