Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saddam/Osama Ties Escape From The Media Memory Hole!!!

Instead of tricking Joe Wilson and everyone in the media to chase his shadow for two years, why the f*ck hasn't Karl Rove (or Rush or Fox News, etc.) shown the video linked in this story from Power Line?!?!?

This ABC News video from five years ago, courtesy of Media Research Center, is a classic. Before Democrats had a partisan motive to claim, contrary to all the evidence, that there was no relationship between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and bin Laden's al Qaeda, their close and dangerous relationship was common knowledge. That common knowledge is reflected in this ABC news report, as it was in the Clinton administration's indictment of bin Laden in 1998 for, among other things, collaborating with Saddam on weapons of mass destruction.

It really is a fascinating question: in this era of digital media, can the news media and the Democrats get away with trying to flush what they said as recently as 1998 and 2000 down the memory hole?

Let's hope not.

Next time you hear the Left lie about how there were no ties between Osama and Saddam, remember this video and ask yourself what has changed other than the party of the current occupant of the Oval Office?

This is why the Left hates blogs: They present PROOF of their lies and hangs their own words around their necks to expose them as the hypocrites they are. They used to be able to rewrite history like their heroes and masters in the KGB in Russia, but now their attempts to erase the Truth to be replaced with lies are running into the problem of copies of the unaltered Truth being held where they can't reach it: With the People.

That's why the Left hates the Blogosphere. It'll allow the Truth to spread where they wish to cast darkness, death and tyranny.

Sucks for them. Good for us.

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