Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gwen Ifill, Republican Wimps, and the Veep Debate

With the big debate between Moose-Slayer and Dr. Teeth a mere eight hours away, the coverage of the Treason Media is getting revved up with hopes that Palin will faceplant like she did in the gotcha ambush interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric. Only this week has she been appearing on friendly conservative talk radio shows like Hugh Hewitt's and Sean Hannity's, marking an end of a period of typically inept work on the part of Team McCain. In the Hewitt interview I heard - I can't stand Hannity, so I skipped that one - she sounded sharp and quite personable. Unless you're a totally unhinged moonbat who hates conservatives and judges women by the number of abortions they've had, I don't see who could dislike her.

However for her poise in stump speeches and friendly interviews, I've gotta say that the fawning "WE LUV SARAH!" reactions I've been hearing from callers to these shows is too reminiscent of the blind adoration of the racist-Marxist-terrorist loving Obamessiah to go unmentioned here. As mean and nasty as her interrogators have been, it seems as if Team McCain sent her to the wolves without reminding her that they were out to DESTROY her and thus if she didn't know the name of the Deputy Minister of Goat Breeding in Kreplochistan, she'd better have some witty parries ready. You know how you can see "Jeopardy" contestants look like they're seething and wanting to yell, "Don't get snotty with me, Trebeck! You only know it because it's on the card!!!", when Alex snarks, "Ooooooh, sorry. The answer was Strontium. Strontium."? That's what Palin needs to have said - "I don't know that off the top of my head, but did you know that before your producer handed you that card, Katie? Do you know who the Deputy Minister of Goat Breeding in Kreplochistan is, Charlie? ANSWER ME, BITCHES!!!"

But she didn't say that and this is a continuing problem for the Stupid Party: They are terminally incapable of speaking the clear truth of the liberal Dems' fascist agenda. McCain is just too mushy inside for his liberal pals to make the case and incapable of expressing an economic policy other than "Earmarks BAD!!!" (unless they're slathered on top of a Wall Street bailout bill) and Palin has been over-programmed and held down by her Team McCain handlers.

Combined with the Treason Media's diligent propaganda efforts for Obama, the largest factor in a McCain loss will be his inability (or unwillingness) to take the fight to those who would destroy this nation if elected. As I've repeatedly mentioned, I didn't vote for Dubya in '04 because of his poor performance in his first term (including signing McCain's unconstitutional campaign speech restriction law) and, more importantly, his utter inability to properly articulate to the public the stakes at risk from Islamofascism. In a dangerous world, his tepid reactions and pronouncements have allowed the Left to frame the debate to their purposes.

NRO's Peter Kirsanow has also noticed this and wrote about it this morning:

The refrain from most of the GOP talking heads over the last twenty four hours concerning Gwen Ifill's role during the VP debate is that she's a fine journalist, who, now that the fact of her book is public knowledge, shouldn't be precluded from moderating the event. Heck, it may even work to Palin's advantage because Ifill will be under intense scrutiny to be fair and balanced.

This rationale points to the GOP's ( and, to some extent, conservatives') nearly wholesale capitulation to liberal media dominance and is one of the reasons the GOP base find themselves so frequently dispirited: no objection, no fight, no pushback to a howling conflict of interest.

We're instructed that it's perfectly understandable when all of the Democratic presidential candidates refuse to debate on Fox. But Republicans are supposed to quietly take their medicine from a moderator with a direct financial interest in an Obama/ Biden victory.

I concur that Ifill's a professional. That's not the point. Republicans will find themselves losing more and more often if they do not vigorously challenge these media travesties. And it's the right thing to do for the country. A partisan, cheerleading press is not a hallmark of a free and democratic society.

So many times we see Republicans act "gentlemanly" and turn the other cheek — to what end? It simply emboldens the media toward even greater bias. How does that serve the interests of the country? Democrat fingerprints are all over the current financial mess; Dodd and Frank were integral to the debacle, yet the GOP does nothing to counter the prevailing narrative that this is a McCain—House Republican problem—and McCain's poll numbers plummet.
The conclusion of McCain's convention speech exhorting us to "fight, fight, fight" has been quickly forgotten. There's no honor in failing to challenge brazen media bias and distortion. It does the nation no good when voters cast ballots based upon false or misleading information. Right now it looks as if the same politicians who engineered the Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac train wreck are going to win in November. The most liberal candidate with the most radical associations of any presidential aspirant in history is poised to win because the media, with virtual GOP acquiescence, has portrayed that candidate as mainstream.

The GOP seems to depend on Rush Limbaugh to correct the record, and query where we'd be without him? But the GOP better start doing it's job and forthrightly, aggressively challenge blatant media transgressions each and every time they occur. The economy's at stake. Success in the war on terrorism is at stake. The Supreme Court is at stake. Do your duty. And part of that duty is not meekly surrendering to rank media bias.
YOU HEAR THAT JOHN AND SARAH?!?!?!? Calling out the Treason Media isn't whining (unless you whine while doing it) and telling the truth about Obama's terrifying radical ties and hidden agendas is a f*cking public service! If you lose after explaining what fresh hell will be visited upon the world, then thems the breaks, but if you sit silently by because you want to be a nice guy (and gal), then you'll learn first-hand what happens to nice guys. Rush has been on fire in the first hour of his show today, laying out the Obama menace; what are you two gonna do for yourselves? Hmmmm?

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