Monday, October 06, 2008

CFE: Hugh Hewitt's Clueless Optimism

THE BACKGROUND: Hugh Hewitt has a piece about Obama's connections to various shady characters which closed:

Is the country really going to roll the dice on Ayers' friend and neighbor and Rezko's partner, so that he can team with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to redesign the American economy in the middle of a global financial crisis and a war?
To which I replied:

Yes, they probably will. With the cheerful assistance of the Goebbels-channeling Treason Media who will cover-up all of Obama's sins and smear anyone who dares mention them as "RACIST!!!", the American public will blindly decide that "it can't get any worse than the current bozo" and punch the ticket for the Big O.

Dubya and the Stupid Party will (and should) go down in history as the feckless dolts who ended the American Experiment and handed the world over to fascism - Islamic and liberal flavors. Between the unprincipled expansion of government to his inability to clearly articulate what the heck was going on in the world, the war, and the economy, Dubya has allowed the Treason Media to set the narrative and like a stupid turn-cheek punk, allowed the lies to become the truth to most people.

The Stupid Party has been a failure and their only redeeming selling point is that they're less socialist and willing to sell out to the world than the downright treasonous Democrats. Unfortunately, that makes for a poor campaign ad: "Vote for us because we're not as Stalinish as them!" Gah!!! Toss in McCain's lack of stones to be the slightest bit unpleasant to his liberal pals in the Senate - even as they stab him in the face - it's a recipe for defeat politically and death nationally.
Laura Ingraham has been boiling with anger this morning, raging at McCain's simpering comity and desire to lose like a gentleman. Moose-Slayer is out there bringing up Obama's treacherous BFFs, but I think it's only a matter of time before McCain condemns his running mate for being too harsh to the Senator from Illinois for whom he has the utmost respect. Pfffft.

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