Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Moving To Australia Might Not Be Too Bad.

Just as Jews had to flee post-Wiemar Germany, people not down with the fascist tyranny of an Obama Regime are going to need to find someplace else to live. Canada would be an option, but as Mark Steyn's persecution has shown, it's rapidly following the terminal England into the darkness of Islamofascism under the rubric of "diversity" and it is even worse than what America will become as far as speech freedoms go. With those two big English-speaking countries out, that leaves Australia to investigate as a new home.

One selling point is Natalie Tran of YouTube fame. She's cute, Asian, has the Ozzie accent and does funny self-deprecating videos like this one:

She was recently ranked #7 on G4's Women of the Web countdown (jump to :56 to see her bit) and her video mocking this was a hoot, too.

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