Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Will The "Wrong Track" Numbers Lead To The Death Track?

Heard on the news this evening that 90% of the people surveyed feel the country is on the wrong track. Naturally, this was spun by CBS News as an endorsement for jumbo huge Obama and fascist Dem victories in three weeks. The question is, however, why? Why should dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs automatically result in further rewards for the party actually responsible?

First off, DUBYA IS NOT ON THE BALLOT!!! If you think Dubya has been a total tool - I put him in the near-total tool column - so what? He's not going to be around so why are you automatically going to vote for Obama? Because the economy is in crisis and the markets have melted down? Well, this decline in markets and explosion in foreclosures and fuel prices started when the Dems took over in Jan. 2007.

The Dems are on record (and on tape) refusing to allow regulation of Freddie and Fannie in 2005 and their ties to ACORN and the bad loans that racial grievance group forced banks to make are well-known to people who aren't relying on the Treason Media for the facts. Just about everything that's gone massively wrong can be laid squarely at the feet of the Dems but they are potentially going to have such a rout that they will be unopposable for anything they wish to jam down the throats of their subjects. Crushing taxes to "spread the wealth", socialized health care, taxpayer funded eugenics and abortion, stifling of unapproved speech, and on and on, a multitude of horrors will be visited on the people who are blindly voting for the gaseous lies of "CHANGE!" and "HOPE!"


Because they're being told to punish the not guilty and reward those who caused this debacle by a Treason Media who are Goebbels-like in their eagerness to propagandize for Fuhrer Obama and keep people ignorant of the inconvenient truths.

But as nice as it would be to blame the TM for not getting the truth out, the bottom line blame will fall on the stupid heads of Dubya and McCain. I didn't vote for Dubya in '04 because he couldn't explain the global war on Islamofascism and he was rolled by the Left over and over. Now he's unable to explain what's happening with the economy - he's an MBA? Really? - and as a result the Dems who caused the problem (e.g. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd) get to stand there and pose as saviors while he mumbles around. McCain has let two debates come and go without providing the straight truth because he's still trying to match his liberal friends in the panderfest.

Is the country on the wrong track? Absolutely. Dubya and the Stupid Party have cluelessly bumbled into driving people into the arms of the fascist Democrats. If asked directly, people would reject voting away freedoms and values, but they've been frustrated to the point where the idea "How much worse could this Obama guy be compared to what we've had for the past eight years?" doesn't sound too facile. It sounds like a legitimate question. But since they don't have the information necessary to realize the answer is, "Horrifyingly worse. Nation-destroying worse. Soviet Amerika bad.", they're liable to blindly vote for the Dems.

And this formerly great nation would be condemned to die a horrible death.

Most people don't choose a harmful course if they're informed of the risks. The American voters are poorly informed and this is no accident - the Left and their propaganda forces in the Treason Media have smothered the facts, but the two people who have megaphone's big enough to counter these lies - Dubya and McCain - haven't stepped up to get the truth out there. McCain is such a spineless twerp, totally cowed by the TM who are threatening to smear him as a racist, that he will likely pass on sounding the warning about Obama in his final debate.

Word is McCain wants to lose with honor. If that is so, he should quit now and get up against the wall and put on his blindfold because that's where traitors go when justice is served. If he goes down to this smiling fascist like a punk bitch, he is no better than a collaborator to the genocide of freedom that will result. The irony of this American Hero™ may become a hapless accidental traitor would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. McCain keeps bleating, "Fight with me." You first, beyatch.

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