Friday, October 03, 2008

The Biden Error/Lie/Hallucination List

There are so many places parsing the whoppers that Biden spewed forth - at least 22(!) in his part of a 90-minute debate - that I don't have time to collate them into a post while doing my work, but Jim Geraghty had the time and I implore you to take a peek at all the flat out lies and/or hallucinations Biden spoke. Keep them in mind when you watch the Treason Media apply their Goebbels-fu and portray Biden as the victor because of his "grasp of the facts". Oh, Biden had a grasp on something alright; it just wasn't facts.

UPDATE: Another front of Biden's lies has been noted regarding health care:

The rule of thumb for fact checkers of Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate was that every time Joe Biden sounded especially confident, he was saying something that wasn’t true.

For the most part, these were gross exaggerations or convenient fictions aimed to allow him to make a point he couldn’t otherwise support. How to answer the charge that he and Obama voted for a budget resolution that called for taxing Americans making $42,000? Assert that John McCain voted for it too, although he didn’t. How to argue that we’re paying no attention to Afghanistan? Claim repeatedly that we spend more in Iraq in three weeks than we have spent in Afghanistan in seven years, although that’s very far from true. How to explain his vote for the Iraq war in light of his subsequent views? Say it wasn’t a war resolution, though it was. And on and on Joe went.

One set of distortions in particular, however, seemed like more than extemporaneous exaggeration. Biden offered several criticisms of John McCain’s health-care plan which tracked precisely with the line of attack the Obama campaign has taken up against the plan in recent days, and which are flatly untrue and deceptive.
Will McCain be prepared to fight back with some TRUTH (f*ck the "Straight Talk" blah-woof, John) or will he just yank his Chatty Cathy string and burp up "I'll cut earmarks! I'll cut earmarks! Earmarks...marks...marks...marks...bzzzzzzzzzzzzt...."? Pfft.

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