Friday, October 03, 2008

Why Is McCain Letting the Dems Slide on Their Freddiemae Culpability?

The day after Moose-Slayer hauled his worthless ass back into the race comes some explanations as to why McCain hasn't been placing the blame for this mess squarely where it belongs: On the corrupt Dems who protected their greedy paymasters. It seems he doesn't want to be mean to his fellow liberals or some such rot.

SNIP #1: The McCain campaign is underestimating how absolutely furious conservatives are that free markets, and by extension Reaganomics and the last 25 years of American economic policy, are getting the blame for the housing and credit crisis. A real morale killer, they tell me. Over and over. Every day.
SNIP #2 I understand that he didn't want to get overly partisan while a delicate measure he thought was necessary was just barely making it through both houses of Congress. But there's no excuse for letting a false narrative lie, and letting Obama and Biden continue to lie about the roots of this crisis.
If not for Palin, McCain would be 15 points down in the polls and totalitarian fascism under the Obama Reich a done deal. Now that she has saved his bacon a second time, what does he do? He reverts to form and kicks conservatives in the teeth and puts the lie to all his "I'm a maverick! I'm a Reagan conservative." blah-woof.

Before the debate, some pious conservative dipwads were demanding that Palin drop off the ticket. Hey, here's an idea: HOW ABOUT JOHN McCAIN GET OFF THE TICKET SO THAT AMERICAN VOTERS WILL HAVE A CLEAR CHOICE BETWEEN A CONSERVATIVE AND THE FASCIST?!?!?


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