Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ohio Government Brownshirts For Obama Accessed Joe the Plumber's Records.

I know I have a lot of liberal readers, so here's another Intellectual Honesty Test for you guys to fail: What would you say if John McCain's supporters looked into the personal governmental records of Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric in retaliation for their ambushes of Sarah Palin? You'd be upset, right? "Invasion of privacy!!!" and blah-blah-woof-woof, right?

Then what say you hypocrites about Ohio's Head of Job and Family Services Approv[ing] a Child-Support Search on Joe Wurzelbacher Immediately After Third Debate? She claims it's something they routinely do whenever someone catches the public spotlight, but if a McCain supporter, who'd given the maximum amount of $2300, pulled these sorts of shenanigans you'd be screeching loud enough to shatter glass in China. Why is it OK to tear apart a private citizen's life for no reason other than he ASKED A QUESTION which your candidate botched the answer?

Press your brown shirts and polish your jackboots to a high shine, guys, cuz you're planning to be very, very busy serving your Fuhrer, aren't you?


UPDATE: A Toledo Police clerk has been charged with snooping as well. Boy, between Tony Rezko and all his Brownshirts, The One will be spending his first 100 days pardoning his criminal cronies.

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Dirk Belligerent said...

Good point, but it only matters if those in authority actually wish to punish those who abuse their access to information. Based on their willingness to have their Brownshirts squelch criticism - whether it's flooding a Chicago radio show with calls demanding critics to be tossed off the air or requesting that Missouri law enforcement investigate political ads - what faith should we have that an Obama Regime would punish anyone who conducts snoop and smear ops in His name?

The treatment of Joe the Plumber has been very deliberate and has been meant to serve as an example to anyone who dares think that could ask a question more challenging than "How are you doing today, Dear Leader?" Is having your private life dredged through and then publicized in order to embarrass and shame you worth challenging The One? Joe didn't even mean to put Barry on the spot; he didn't ask something like, "Are you going to pardon your crooked cronies like Tony Rezko?" He just asked if his taxes would be going up and because Obama gaffed the answer within sight and sound of a camera, his private life has been made public in order to discredit him (for asking a question?!?) and to warn others that the same treatment awaits them if they dare step out of line. Would you dare risk having an STD or a late fee on a credit card bill broadcast in retaliation or are you just going to STFU and go along with the program?

Has Obama condemned the invasions of Joe T. Plumber's privacy? Has he called for investigations of how this happened? Has he taken responsibility for stepping into it? No, no, and AH HELL NO! When he is willing to allow unknown tens of millions of dollars to flow into his coffers to fund his propaganda blitz and has legions of disciples willing to destroy in His name, the odds of the privacy of critics being respected are slim to none and Slim just left town.