Tuesday, October 07, 2008

CFE: Hysterical SNL Haters Need To STFU!!!

THE BACKGROUND: A very funny sketch ran on SNL last weekend blistering the Dems for their culpability in the financial mess we're in and had a parade of unsympathetic characters who were supposed victims. It was very sharp and funny. The sketch disappeared from Hulu and Michelle Malkin has been all over why it was yanked, most likely that it offended the rich liberals lampooned in it.

NBC finally came out with a reason for it being yanked and promises to post it after a change is made to a graphic which labeled a real couple as "People who should be shot." In her commentary about it, Malkin added this:

Commenter madmonk: “Standard[s]? What standards? They ‘joked’ about incest in the Palin family. So again… what standards?”
This set me off HARD and I blasted up this rant which is long overdue to be heard by these dolts!


Whether it was having a cow over the “lipstick on a pig” nonsense or acting as if SNL was implying incest in the Palin family, when conservatives get their knickers in a twist WRONGLY, it makes their LEGITIMATE complaints fall on deaf ears. You can only falsely cry “BIAS!” a few times before you are ignored.

Let me explain it to you ninnies: The NY Times sketch was - now pay attention - MAKING FUN OF THE STUPID NY TIMES REPORTERS!!!! Not, I repeat NOT!!!! implying there was incest!!!! To the cloistered elites of the Treason Media, anything outside the island of Manhattan is Indian Territory and/or where sea dragons swim. The reporter whose nickname was “Queens” because he’d fallen asleep on the subway and went to Queens was one gag; the other who only asked about polar bears was another. ALL the reporters were being lampooned for their ignorance of the real world, like being unable to identify a shotgun.

Instead of appreciating the irony of a presumed-liberal TV skit show like SNL righteously thumping the Left for its biases - dating back to the Clinton-Obama debate where the CNN reporters were fawning over Barry - what are too many conservatives doing? Catching the vapors and shrilly fluttering about like LIBERALS and shrieking for their version of political correctness. GET A FREAKING GRIP!!!

I’m hypersensitive to liberal biases that are ruining entertainment (e.g. The awful Body Snatchers update, “The Invasion”, in which the deadly alien organism came from the space shuttle Patriot. Get it? Death comes from patriots. Har har. Ahem.), but there is absolutely no there there with these complaints about SNL. SNL has done a better job calling out the Dems culpability about Fannie/Freddie and media biases and hysterical twits are shrieking about incest, totally missing the point and living up to the liberal stereotypes of clueless moral scolds. KNOCK IT OFF!!!

As for the “People who should be shot” Chyron - that was a little harsh. If they leave the essence of the sketch unchanged (and we’ve got the original to compare it to) and change it to something like “High-rent scam artists”, there’s no harm done. Move the heck on, mmmkay?

I believe we need more morality in our lives, but there's a huge difference between wanting that and being a priggish scold who torches one's credibility because they're too outraged to see what's actually happening. Idiots!

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