Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama the Race Hustler In His Own Words.

One of the biggest lies of this mythical Obamessiah campaign has been the ludicrous concept that he was "post-racial" due to his enlightened Holiness and his bi-racial parentage. Considering his mother was white you'd think he'd be a little more charitable toward gringos, but he has dealt nothing but race cards to deflect any and all criticisms; not one criticism of The One hasn't been met with cries of "RACISM!!!"; even calling him the socialist he is has been called "code" for his being black. Even the grandmother, whom He is currently visiting in her gravely ill state, got thrown under the bus in his cynical defense of his seething racist mentor Jeremiah Wright - she was the "typical white person." Post-racial, my arse.

With the myth in mind, take a look at some old tape of Obama slurring white people as those who don't want to pay taxes because the money will go to poor black children, and comparing Los Angeles to Bosnia because of all the oppression.

While the terminal White Guilt sufferers won't be dissuaded from their support of The One because they still hope for absolution from their racist guilt, I wonder how many people who think it'd be fun to vote for the "cool guy everyone seems to like" would react if the Treason Media ever actually exposed this material to them. (Thus the reason the TM isn't.) These idiots probably think Obama would be like David Palmer on "24", forgetting that a strong on defense Democrat can only exist in fiction these days. Barry O's appeal has been that he wasn't an obvious race hustling bomb-thrower like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but as this tape and his decades-long associations with terrorists and black supremacist racists show, The One's "cool" exterior is just a trompe l'oeil veneer masking the same old destructive racial politics.

"Forget the wages of sin / These are the profits of rage" - "Profits of Rage" - Red September

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