Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why Don't American Elections Have The Security of Iraqi Elections?

As the Obama-funded and Obama-supporting voter fraud outfit ACORN works diligently to make it so as many fake voters get placed onto the rolls in order to steal the election for the inevitable Obamessiah - anyone spot the irony of that? - here's an idea to prevent multiple visits to the polls that I'm surprised no one has mentioned before:

Why No Purple Finger Legislation?

Picking up from a thought by Mark Steyn, why do Iraq and Afghanistan have better protections against voter fraud and multiple voting than the United States? Why does the simple, visible, tough-to-evade purple finger ink get put into effect in new democracies in those countries, but we can't get something so simple and effective on the books here in this democracy?

What would it take to get "purple finger" rules here in the United States?

Actually, I know why: RACISM!!!! You have to show ID to do anything these days, but if you dare suggest that a voter prove who they are to get a ballot, it's RACISM!!! And frightened little twits like John McCain bend over and grab the ankles rather than get smeared. Race smears are evil but until people stand up against them, they'll continue to be effective.

This is why race relations will remain strained even though most blacks and whites get along just fine with one another: it's just too lucrative a card to have available. Would Obama have been so diligently unexamined if not for the race card being slammed down on anyone who dares question His divinity? Not even.

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