Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CFE: Success Has Been Dubya's Greatest Failure

THE BACKGROUND: Another Digg thread with the usual idiots dancing around a WaPo report that Team Dubya had secret memos approving of waterboarding which, despite what John McCain says, is NOT torture. I posted:

Gee, Digg people filling their diapers because some terrorists got a little damp which prevented their pampered web-surfing asses from getting blown up.

For over seven years, we have not suffered another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Why do you think that is? Because the Islamofascists shot their wad in 2001 and have been tending their goat herds ever since? Or could it be that because a few bad guys got wet, countless lives were saved? When every attack is prevented, it's not as if the government puts out a press release. This allows clueless Diggers to believe that there isn't a threat.

Success in protecting the public has been Dubya's greatest political failure. No one believes there's a thread anymore. After Fuhrer Obama does all he can to apologize to the Islamists and surrenders the war in order to get Europe to hate and envy us a little bit less, what will happen to our security? When Chicago becomes a radioactive crater on the shore of Lake Michigan, will The One admit his epic failure or will he blame it on Dubya? You know, they guy who managed to keep America safe for 7 years by making a few terrorists damp for a few minutes.

You're living in a dream. WAKE UP!!
The Left says that Dubya has fostered "a climate of fear" in order to scare people into supporting him and the Stupid Party. If so, why are the polls indicating a mass exodus toward Obama and the fascist Dems? They explain that it's because the scare tactics have lost their effectiveness, but could it be that since the Treason Media has tossed the images of 9/11 down the Memory Hole - unlike the Abu Grahib photos which were run over and over to foster the "national shame" meme - and Dubya's strategies have kept the homeland safe, people have forgotten what the REAL world is like - i.e. dangerous? Duh.

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