Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain vs. Obama - Round Three....FIGHT!!!

Live-blogging and updating has necessary...

• McCain has mentioned that the public is angry four times in the first 20 seconds of his reply. He has also mentioned the usual greed stuff. He starts to mention FreddieMae but misses a chance to pin it on the Dems. I need a drink. O is looking into the camera - will Chris Matthews complain? O's smooth talk is pap, but smooth pap. McCain seems jittery.

Oh, jeez...he starts to talk about the plumber who O told wanted to "spread the wealth around" and then DOESN'T MENTION THAT!!! Obama slipped up and let his Marxist heart show and Mc couldn't tag him for it. O tells the "95% get a tax cut" lie. Whew! Mc mentions it! Come on, pull it together, Mc! Hmmm...O mentions Warren Buffet, Mc says "we're talking about Joe the plumber." O is rambling. McC mentions high business tax rates here vs. Ireland.

• Next topic: crazy high deficit projected - Obama is now talking to Bob Schieffer. Chris Matthews will approve. McC totally switches to home ownership. When BS (initials, not a comment) tries to get him on the topic, he goes somewhere else, then he gets back on the topic. He's not hitting the easy marks. It's disjointed. I can see the lyrics, but am not hearing the music. Who gave Mc the Red Bull. O keeps talking about making programs that work. Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnn.... O mentions Dubya's deficits. DUBYA AIN'T RUNNING FOR ANYTHING!!!! McCain looks straight at Obama and says, "I'm not President Bush. If you wanted to run against him, you should've run four years ago." SICK BURN!!! That's going to be on the highlight reel. He challenges O to name something he's stood against his party on. O is prepared with a list of lies. Will Mc call him on it. O slams Fox News and gets a titter. He tries to tie Mc to Dubya again. Mc breaks into BS's moving on Biden-style. He's starting to get into a groove. Where was this guy in the last two debates.

• Topic: Tone of campaign and will they diss each other to their faces - Mc calls O out on town halls. Calls out the John Lewis smears. Calls out the O's flip-flop on public financing. O says nothing of substance. He doesn't apologize and then yanks his pull-string and says we don't need more Bush policies. McC calls out O's ads lying about health care, stem cells, and immigration. O lies about the isolated yells at Palin events. O is trying to triangulate it. His halo is starting to dim, perhaps? O is starting to look annoyed. No one f*cks with the Messiah! He's frowning. He stammers out some talking points. This is the first solid punch I've seen Mc land on O in all of these.

• OOOOOHHHH!!! Mc says, "I don't care about some old washed-up terrorist." and then mentions ACORN's vote fraud and O's payoffs to them. Nice. O comes back with the "Annenberg is a Republican so how could I possibly be a terrorist" and denies he had anything to do with the shenanigans. He then transitions into a smooth rap about his bipartisan advisers. McC says we need to know about his associations - DUH!!! - but leaves Wright out. Will the Treason Media carry this lie forward or start reporting on these issues? Just kidding!!!

• Who's got the better veep? O makes Biden sound like Joe Six Pack and then runs off the talking points. Jeez, it's like listening to Sean Hannity. Mc says nice things about Moose-Slayer. (Who woudda thunk it?) Mc slams Biden's chronic wrongness on just about everything. Again, WHERE WAS THIS GUY IN THE LAST TWO DEBATES? Hit's O on wanting to spend more on everything.

• Next: ManBearPig (ugh) - Mc gets a good list of goals off. O is back to pissing off Chris Matthews by looking into the camera. He then strings off a bunch of manure. McC backhands O's "eloquence" and then points out the BS in his rap. Mentions Columbia Free Trade agreement and how Obama opposed it even though it was a Clinton-era pact. Misses an opportunity to tie Reid and Pelosi to this issue. Grrrrr! O mumbles something about trade union organizing. Misspeaks saying, "need someone to enforce UNFAIR trade agreements" - will anyone say he's getting senile? Just kidding! O then rambles about cars and stuff. Is anyone following this? McC pops him on the Columbia deal again. Calls him a trade restrictionist and tax-raiser. Another megaton dropped on The One.

• Topic: Health care - Sorry, I'm working on my desktop at the same time and didn't get all the discourse noted. Obama slammed the hard-to-follow tax aspects of McCain's plan - which IS easy to demagogue - but McCain didn't have a straight explanation of how O was lying. Missed opportunity. O keeps saying "you've heard my plan" - but who cares if it's lies?

• Topic: Abortion - McCain talks about judges. This is a first in these debates. Will he mention O's determination to make infanticide as the law of the land? O stammers something meaningless and then mentions the Lilly Ledbetter equal-pay suit. The facts are that the woman worked for YEARS fully aware that she was making less but waited to sue. Snooze = lose. OMG! Mc is mentioning Obama's infanticide stance. O flat out lies that he did. This has been debunked, but will Mc call him on it here now? Will he mention the Freedom of Choice Act (may have name wrong) he's promised to make his first priority? O is trying to seem moderate. He's not! He is as anti-life as it gets. (Read this for a scathing indictment of his true stripes. I've been meaning to get that up on it's own post.) McCain could've really put a stake in him here, but doesn't go for the kill. Still, he brought it, though O may've slicked his way out of it.

• Education is the last topic. Snore. O wants to spend more money. Mc wants more parent choice. O is stumbling again and Mc gets a nice slap in.

• Final statements: Mc said something. O said something. It was all canned and I was busy looking up a domain name.

• The winner? JOE THE PLUMBER! The guy whom Obama told he wanted to spread his wealth around was name-checked about 500 times. Don't bother rushing to register - I just checked and it was taken a year ago. Nice call, Nostradamus. (Tom Brokaw agrees.)

• Real debate winner? John McCain. If this McCain had shown up before, a lot of people would be a lot happier.

• Bob Schieffer did a good job and didn't grandstand like Tom Brokaw did.

• Treason Media Spin Patrol - Chuck Todd (NBC hack) said that McCain played to his base (which is bad, natch) and The One played to the middle. Brokaw looks angry, meaning McCain won. Over to CBS, the perky Katie Couric is talking to a panel of pandas, er, undecided voters. A black man says that McCain came off more Presidential. (SELLLOUT!!!) A cracker guy says he was impressed by McCain. This will not please our overlords!!!

NBC's panel of six pandas were asked who was stronger on the economy and it broke 3 O, 2 undecided, 1 McC. One woman was disappointed with both of them. Half of them said they knew people who wouldn't vote for The One because he was black, but all said they knew people who wouldn't vote for McCain because of Palin; guess the media jihad to smear her worked. Half are more liking McC vs. one for The One, but one woman said that she was scared of McCain and that Moose-Slayer was a bad decision.

Mitt Romney spins for McCain - He thought Johnny be good. (I'm shocked, SHOCKED!) Mentions all the hard questions Obama had to answer.

Hillary Clinton got the short straw to shill for the usurper. She said the words, but her facial expression was like she wanted to blink "S-O-S" with her eyes. She is not happy. If Obama wins, she'll probably never get to be queen, so she can't really want anything but McCain to win in 19 days.

ABC panel - Dondi Snuffluphagus says McCain did well, but says that Obama's huge money and vote fraud organization will be daunting. George Will is crapping on McCain for not bucking the bailout. Dondi says that would've been suicidal politics.

• On Nightline, Terry Moron, er, Moran smugly spun what happened to Obama's benefit to the surprise of no one. He said McCain looked "tense, on edge" while Obama "smiled cooly". Figuring maybe 50+ million people watched, if only 10% stay up to watch the late news, they'll see ABC News lying to them. Dondi came on and gave good marks to McCain, but toed the "Obama COOL, McCain HOTHEAD" corporate line like the good Democrat partisan hack he is (shots of Obama getting angry are heading straight for the Memory Hole) and made sure to tell us that every time McCain mentioned Ayers, the dial groups marked him down. ORLY? Obama is tight with extreme radicals and the the messenger gets shot? Dondi called all the debates for his side when an objective review shows them score to be 2-0-2 in McCain's favor. The first two Prez matches were draws, Moose-Slayer destroyed Biden, and McCain won tonight. Goebbels Big Lie machine is in overdrive.

Joe Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber) was called on the phone. He was infuriated that Obama felt justified to steal anyone's wealth and redistribute it, but demurred about who he was going to vote for. Moron, darnit, Moran made a disapproving sound like, "Puny human. Don't you question your betters and Messiah!"

The all-liberal pundits - Matthew Doyd and Donna Brazille - uniformly declared McCain's cause lost because everyone loves and trusts the Obamessiah and he's a loser. They also implored McCain to stop talking all this mean stuff about Ayers and lose like a gentleman and maybe they'll be nice to you again. Not one conservative (or even pseudo-con like David Brooks) was put on the air. What liberal media bias? Pffft.

• Flipped over late to Charlie Rose to see the pitiful David "Palin is a cancer on the GOP" Brooks comparing Obama to a cool mountain that the angry, helpless McCain can fire cannonballs at (his actual words) to little effect. He's hypnotized like so many other weak-minded drones by the brown-eyed handsome man. When the talk turned to other mush-headed nominal "conservatives" who are also entranced by this charlatan. Jeez, how many times can Brooks say "self-control" and "temperament"? "Barack Obama is much better than 'Cats'. He is so cool and well-tempered I'd nibble his nut sack again and again."

With Islamofascists seeking to annihilate Western Civilization and one candidate in firm alliance with domestic terrorists and racists who seek to do the same (albeit for different reasons) and the only thing that matters to these jokers is "who's the cool dude?" They're like junior high school girls giggling over the BMOC. Mark Halperin had to restrain himself from "going overboard about the Power of Obama." BIAS? WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS?!? HEY!!! clothes!

Al Hunt is piling on saying that McCain will be sorry to have run such a nasty campaign against The One, but there is still time for him to lie down for the inevitable and possibly receive the warm kiss of media affection in return for his acquiescence. This is more juvenile kiddie bullsh*t: "Why you wanna be that way, John? Everyone is going to hate you unless you be cool, so be cool. We'll be your friend if you do and invite you to the party."

Now they're talking about Obama's ability to hide his craving for power so as not to frighten the peasants with his cravenness. Ummmmm, doesn't this mean they're admitting he's selling a mirage to ignorant (thanks to them) drones? Jeez, someone get them some dietary supplements to help their irony-deficiency. Al Hunt just called it "serenity". These people are clueless and well beyond bias into cultish behavior rivaling Apple lunatics.

• Did you know that Obama still hasn't released his college papers, medical records, or explained his missing years at Columbia? He hasn't. No one is exploring why an unknown, unconnected nobody was a magnet to radical terrorists, racists and criminals. What was it about Barry that made these lowlifes see a ticket to power on his bus?

• Last word goes to the mighty Mark Stein who answers K.Lo's bafflement about snap polls giving Obama credit for the win:

One thing I liked about the Bush/Gore debates is that it was obvious both men loathed each other and they didn't care who knew it. That liberated them, for good and ill.

By contrast, for all the characteristically ponderous huffing from Bob Schieffer about "negative campaigns", McCain was never able to cast aside the Senatorial collegiality and really stick it to Obama. Why couldn't he have used the s-word - "socialism"? Why couldn't he have said that his opponent is a perfectly pleasant fellow but he has an all but blank resume so all we have to go on is his votes and his associations and both suggest a doctrinaire liberal well to the left of, say, Bill Clinton? Why couldn't he have pointed out that Barack Obama would be the most left-wing president ever elected in the United States?

McCain lacked the killer instinct. A man who cheerfully crashes planes and survives years of torture appeared nervous that clobbering his opponent might dent his image as Mister Bipartisan. You look at the way he sneered at Romney in the primary debates and compare it with his tentativeness toward Obama. His reluctance to whack the Democrat wound up, by default, elevating Obama. When a veteran Republican who's been on the national scene for a quarter-century and a Democrat whom nobody had heard of 20 minutes ago appear to be equal in stature, then by definition the Democrat wins.

And that, Kathryn, explains those insta-polls. McCain has no one to blame but himself.
Exactly. The Treason Media is already rewarping the record to match their desired narrative, so everywhere will be spinning this as merely a pit stop to the Era of Obama. The American public is about to blindly vote for a person they don't know the facts about, whom they'd recoil in terror from if they only knew what he had planned for them, and there is small likelihood they'll be clued in before they make a terrible mistake.

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