Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1342-8: What is Obama Afraid Of?

Obama is the Messiah. He is The One. He is invincible and inevitable. Right? He's got as much money as God and uncounted zillions in in-kind contributions from the Treason Media. He is opposed by a old guy who isn't a fraction as telegenic who is cowed by the TM into not attacking his fascist goals because he'll be smeared as a racist. Life is peachy. Right?

Then why has He felt it necessary to buy 168 TIMES AS MANY ADS?!?

In the first three weeks of September, Barack Obama ran 1,342 television commercials in the Washington media market that reaches heavily populated and contested Northern Virginia.

According to The Nielsen Company, in the same period and market, John McCain aired just eight commercials on broadcast stations.

Obama’s recent purchase of two 30-minute blocks of time on two national networks — which could cost about $1 million apiece and negotiations are continuing with two other networks — has many Republicans worrying that they are up against an even bigger machine than they’d imagined.
Remember when Obama said he'd only take public financing, like McCain has? Well, he lied. He saw the money he could tap and knew that no one would hold him to account. Still, isn't this sending 50 ICBMs to swat a gnat? I mean, since The One is only waiting for the formality of his coronation, right? And why does He need all the fake ACORN voters if He's a lock?


Anonymous said...

This is a free country, he's free to buy as many ads as he likes.

Why do you hate America and our freedom so much? Why are you so scared of Obama? What are your crimes?

Dirk Belligerent said...

That's funny - when a conservative spends a lot of their own money on a run for political office (e.g. Mitt Romney, who didn't even ask donors to repay his bills, cutting the check himself; as opposed to Obama's $200+ million in illegal shady and foreign donations), people like you shriek that "He's trying to buy his way into office!" When it's someone like Dem Wall Street tycoon Jon "Buckle up!" Corzine spending $100 million of his own cash, it's A-OK! Hypocrisy? Duh.

Why do you keep posting that retarded question? Everyone knows it's people like you who hate America. They also know you aren't very smart because you keep posting the same dumb comment. To spare you the embarrassment, no further repeats of that will be approved. If you have something different to burble, don't lump it in with that cuz it all goes down. Buh-bye.