Thursday, October 02, 2008

Too Much TV!

(NOTE: Updated 10/28 with changes)

I haven't been much of a TV watcher in recent years. I hate the passive "Sit there. Watch this." aspect of it compared to interactive entertainments like video/PC games or teh Intarwebz and frankly there have been fewer than a small handful of decent shows to watch. Now, I'm watching 8 hours and it's kinda cramping my style with regards to other stuff I need/want to do. For those who want to live la vida Dirk®, set your Tivos to this grid:

SUNDAY: Desperate Housewives, True Blood (though I may bail on this for it's - no pun - suckiness)

MONDAY: Hottie Terminator (aka Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Heroes (I gave up on this a few days after this post when I realized it had become irredeemably stupid), My Own Worst Enemy (has potential for fun, but could get real stupid fast)


WEDNESDAY: Pushing Daisies (love this show!), South Park

THURSDAY: My Name Is Earl, Supernatural

I catch Saturday Night Live if I'm around a TV and watch it until it gets annoying. Not listed are shows that start mid-season like Lost, 24, and the new Joss Whedon joint, Dollhouse. I could potentially be on the hook for 10-1/2 hours of TV per week. Ugh. Here's to hoping some of these shows fall off enough in quality to allow a drop from the viewing schedule. I watched the first episode of The Cleaner and as hawt as Grace Park is, the show didn't grab me hard enough to make it worth chasing.

Hey, an excuse to post a picture of Grace! Yay!!!

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