Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Where's Osama?

John F. (the F stands for "feckless crapweasel") Kerry has been yelping on and on about how Dubya "outsourced" the capture of Osama bin Hagar, but lost in the wind and media spin is one little detail: When's the last time we've REALLY seen or heard from him ALIVE?!?


THE BELGRAVIA DISPATCH thinks he's dead and lays out a timeline of when tapes and videos have been released and theorizes about what it all means. Check it out - the click is free and the facts are important.

I've wondered about this myself. How hard would it be for ol' OBL to send a tape to al-Jazeera or CBS News (same difference) saying something like, "Yo, this is Osama bin Laden in da caveizzle! What up wit dat Van Helsing shizzle, dawg? Dat was some whack bullsheezy fo' shizzle!!! Death to America." so that we'd know he was still thinking about us infidels. I'm starting to feel a little dissed. Boo.

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allen said...

I think he's probably dead too.

Three years is a long time to keep the faithful guessing unless you're dead in which case you don't care.

All he'd have to do is scare up a camcorder and a recent copy of Al Jazeera or the New York Times, largely indistinguishable except for heft and font, and he can do a little happy dance for the camcorder.