Friday, October 15, 2004

Stuff & Nonsense - Fri. Oct. 15th Edition

Too busy to frame these into individual posts, but all are required reading for those interested in thinking for themselves.

First up, Catherine Seipp wonders Why should we want lazy idiots to vote? A snip:

In Hollywood, we're used to this sort of thing. Once I was sitting next to a TV producer at some function, listening to an actor at the dais go on and on, when the producer reached over and wrote on my notepad: "Actor minus script equals incoherence." "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, whose movie "Team America: World Police" opens today, are equally cynical about celebrity political opining.

Commenting to Rolling Stone on the Vote or Die effort, Mr. Parker said sarcastically: "Hey, 19-year-old who doesn't know anything--you choose!" Mr. Stone had this to say about the voter-effect of "Team America": "If anyone walks out of this movie, or a Michael Moore movie, thinking about voting a certain way, then they're . . . stupid and shouldn't be voting." Such comments brought the pair an angry letter from Sean Penn (the puppet version of whom is in "Team America").

Next stop, the Denver Post telling Unregistered voters, rejoice, because...

How to cheat on Election Day:

Mail in your absentee ballot.

Show up at your precinct and ask for a new ballot. Do it early. It's going to be a long day.

(Haven't registered? Don't fret; as long as you sincerely promise you meant to, Secretary of State Donetta Davidson will believe you.)

Vote. Repeat in as many precincts as possible.

Outrageous? You bet. Will you get away with it? Probably not, as provisional ballots will be double-checked.

But this scenario will surely play out all over the state as vacant cries of "disenfranchisement" have finally intimidated Davidson into mandating a post-election mess.

From fraud-riddled voter drives, which have turned up thousands of questionable voter registration forms already, to the 6,000 felons who somehow ended up on the voter rolls, anyone who envisions a smooth election should be mortified.

But couple a wobbly-kneed secretary of state with a pending lawsuit filed by Common Cause that would relax the restrictions on provisional voting further, and we're all going to have quite a post- election party.

"I know that people want to disrupt the election process," explains Robert Balink, El Paso County clerk and recorder. "They want to throw it to the courts; they want the judges to make decisions to determine the outcome of certain elections."

If that doesn't get your cynicism going, how about the MTV Rock The Vote homepage which features a Photoshopped "Draft Notice" in the MSM's continuing Big Lie campaign to scare ignorant young folk into voting for their Chosen Candidate out of fear of something that isn't going to happen. In fact, kids in major American cities are more likely to be killed in the terror attacks that will follow a Kerry Inauguration than being conscripted and sent overseas. (I guess the M now stands for "Moore".)

There's more to come as the Election gets nearer and the Democrats get more and more extreme - if that was even possible - in their fear jihad. Yuck.

In the meantime, go see Team America: World Police and have some fun and let the satire open your eyes to just how ridiculous things have gotten.

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