Wednesday, October 27, 2004

John Kerry Wanted Saddam To Have 400,000 Tons of Explosives...

...but now wants us to be upset that we can't find 380 of those tons now?!?!?!?

Andrew C. McCarthy, who who led the 1995 terrorism prosecution against Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and eleven others, beats down on the Times, CFR and Kerry's dangerously naive fecklessness with regard to his UN Masters. The sauce:

Why is it more plausible that the U.S. forces incompetently safeguarded the site than that Saddam cleaned it out beforehand? It's not. That, no doubt, is why Kerry foreign-policy adviser Richard Holbrooke candidly told Fox's John Gibson yesterday that he did not know the truth of what had happened. But a non-story doesn't help Kerry, and a story that points to the Iraqi dictator as the culprit would only underscore the danger that Saddam posed and further validate President Bush's determination to remove him.

So the Kerry wags instead weaved a story that made Bush and the military into the keystone cops. The Kerry camp was so clued in that they had a campaign ad up by the close of business. Just imagine, though, what the Times and CBS would say if the Justice Department brought an indictment based on the dearth of evidence Kerry is now using to accuse the president of the United States of being an incredible incompetent.

Still, the bigger questions about competence remain. Saddam didn't have 380 tons of high explosives; he had 400,000. Using the Kerry math — now ludicrously deployed to evoke images of Pan Am 103 after months of Democrat insistence that Saddam and terror were like oil and water — this would compute to 80 million planes that could have been exploded out of the sky.

That can't happen now, however. Under President Bush's leadership, over 99 percent of that 400,000 tons is now in American hands. Under a President Kerry, 100 percent of them would have been in the hands of a free Saddam who, having bought off the allies with whom Kerry longs to summit, would be thisclose to ending the sanctions and regenerating his ambitious WMD programs — with Abu Musab al Zarqawi happily ensconced in Northern Iraq and Osama bin Laden perhaps cashing in on Saddam's long pending offer of safe harbor.

Kerry's latest riff, of course, has been that the president rushed into a war (that Kerry voted to authorize) instead of "giving the inspections a chance to work." Is no one — not Kerry, not the Times, not CBS — troubled by the fact that their vision of the "inspections working" is one in which Saddam was blithely permitted to keep 400,000 tons of high explosives, constituting components for nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles — components that were supposed to have been removed, destroyed or rendered inert a dozen years earlier under the resolutions that ended the Gulf War.

Just what does American national security get out of summitry and IAEA inspections? If that's competence, let us hope for more "incredible incompetence."

Remember, the world will love us the moment we surrender to them! Vote Kerry!!!!

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