Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Star Wars/Lucas Hating Ep. MMIV - The Whining Doesn't Stop

The parade of whining crybabies whose inner children must be on a metaphysical milk carton somewhere are filling their diapers some more over the Star Wars DVDs and the intransigence of George Lucas to yield to their demands to keep things the way THEY like it and not the way HE wants them. I wonder if they'd like it if someone who was two grades behind them in school showed up on their doorsteps and demanded that they dump Veronica and get back with Caitlin, just because they thought they were a cuter couple, nevermind that Caitlin was vile to them? Didn't think so. But, they've got no problem with spewing forth nonsense like "Pray He Doesn't Alter Them Any Further . . . - Why the Star Wars DVDs are bunk and George Lucas has destroyed his own mythology." and the feeble non-counterpoint " .. . So Be It, Jedi - Why George Lucas has every right to alter his films, and why we have every right to be mad at him for doing so."

The first piece stakes half of it's arguments on what it says are inconsistencies in the timelines and mythology when EPISODE THREE IS STILL EIGHT MONTHS AWAY!!! Without ALL of the dots, you can't complain that they don't connect. To a child ten years from now, it'll probably make sense - these asstacklers need to get a life...NOW!


Anonymous said...

But you need to remember this, Dirk. As much as you love telling the enForcers to get a grip, they're really just chewing over the new versions in public. It's all a conversation. If Lucas has the right to want what he wants, don't the rest of us?

Sheila A-Stray puts it well in one of her ongoing Star Wars posts:

"Please," she cautions a regular dissenter on her blog. "Not a word. This outrage is fun for us. Thank you."

Dirk Belligerent said...

It's gone beyond having a point to being a self-inflicted sore that they just keep picking at.

If these mewling dopes were capable of creating a complete Universe from thin air that was as rich as the SW 'verse has become (and I'm not a huge fanboi), then MAYBE I'd practice a little more tolerance toward their plaints, but they haven't and as a result, they can just suck it, boyeeeeeeeee!

As the haters piled on AOTC, I came across the NY Times review for Empire and it was a beating! Hardly a positive notice for what is regarded as the best of all the films. (Shows you what they knew.) The attacks on Lucas as some sort of cinematic war criminal belied the reality that there are a lot of FAR WORSE hacks out there who don't have calls for Federal confiscation of their works by simpering dorks.

Those who snidely suggest that Lucas should be stripped of his property and it handed over to Peter Jackson forget to admit that he had a hefty tome of source material to draw from - Lucas is making it all up and while he's had some missteps, I don't think the problem is so much with Lucas' talents as the whiners nostalgia and spoiled sense of entitlement to boss others around.

Not even close, kids.