Monday, October 25, 2004

How Dems could try to hijack the election.

It's Countdown to Armageddon time, so the updates should be coming fast and furious for the next week, starting with how the non-democratic Democrats are going to use provisional ballots to steal the Election. The snip:

The Democratic political-legal strategy for November 2 has become increasingly clear in recent weeks. File as many lawsuits as possible in the run-up to the voting to create as much chaos around election law and procedures as possible. Including the suits to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot — for which Democratic lawyers display a newfound appreciation for the niceties of election law — there had roughly been 40 suits filed as of Friday, with more coming every day. In the ensuing confusion, Democrats will then shout after the election "count all the ballots," even those that have been cast in dubious circumstances.

The nub of the likely Democratic strategy is the so-called "provisional ballot." The 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires that any voter whose registration is uncertain, or who is unregistered, can still cast a ballot "provisionally." Once the polls close, the voter's name is checked against public records to ensure its eligibility, and then his vote is added to the relevant candidate's tally. In theory, it is a sensible idea, giving a voter who is the victim of some bureaucratic snafu the chance to vote. But the Democrats hope to turn the intention of the law on its head. Provisional ballots are presumed unlawful unless demonstrated otherwise. Remember: These "provisional" votes wouldn't have been considered valid in 2000. Many of them surely should be excluded this year, but Democrats will create pressure to count them all no matter what.

Combined with Elizabeth Edwards threats of rioting in they don't win, is there any doubt as to the lengths the Left will go to secure power, even if it means the destruction of the institutions they wish to rule? Get ready to hear the words "disenfranchisement" a LOT in the next 10 days as the Party that actively works to prevent pro-Republican military people from voting act that asking for photo ID is a return to poll taxes and slavery.

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