Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate Notes From the Blogosphere II

Funny comment on punditguy: Post Debate Reaction's post:

"Bob Schieffer was a disgrace as a moderator. He threw Kerry softball after softball and the Senator still stumbled. Here is my take.

Moderator: Senator Kerry; Do you have any cats?

Kerry: Yes Bob; and when I'm President I have a plan to save every stray kitten and rescue it from the cruel policies of this President where stray kittens are rounded up by John Ashcroft and Halliburton to be euthanized and ground into oil for his rich buddies down in Texas.

President: Stray cats are the responsibility of the ASPCA and are not a source of oil.

Moderator: President Bush; Why do you kill kittens and why don't they have flu shots?

President: Cats don't need flu shots and I've never been cruel to cats or any other animal for that matter.

Kerry: I have a plan where all cats will have flu shots. I was an altar boy and that's why I'll save kittens and protect a womans right to choose the disposal of her fetus and adoption a cat."

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