Friday, October 29, 2004

Osama Lives, Endorses Kerry!

Well, well....despite no mention of Van Helsing, it seems that Osama bin Hagar has decided to send a long-distance dedication to his homie J-to-tha-F-to-tha-K-to-the-feckless-crapweasel and appear in a nice campaign ad that may've been scripted by Michael Moore.

Apparently, everything is our fault and all we have to do is bug out of the Middle East and abandon Israel and everything will be all good for the future. Good thing we've got just the guy running who will gladly meet OBH's demands by brie-and-tea time next Jan. 20th.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, too bad about OBL (who you said was probably dead, remember?) making Bush look like the unreasonable warmonger.

Maybe if Bushco did their job properly, OBL wouldn't be in a position to do that.

Hey, at least there's no threat of Sadaam making videos, right? Thank goodness for that!

Dirk Belligerent said...

Yeah, too bad about OBL (who you said was probably dead, remember?)No, I said that someone had a theory that he was dead and it was plausible. I link, you deride.

making Bush look like the unreasonable warmonger.Hmmm? Is there such a thing as a reasonable war monger? How about that FDR bloke? Look what he threw the country into!

Maybe if Bushco did their job properly, OBL wouldn't be in a position to do that.No. If CLINTON Amalgamate Criminal Enterprises (& Whoremasters) hadn't turned down OBH REPEATEDLY when offered on a silver platter by Sudan, none of the last three years may've happened. Sorry, Bub, but 9/11 is the liberals ultimate booby prize and their final failure before never being allowed to destroy this country again with their naive and dangerous coddling of terrorists.

Hey, at least there's no threat of Sadaam making videos, right? Thank goodness for that!If a President Gore or Kerry had their druthers, Saddam would be making all sorts of videos, including the top-rated "Iraq's Funniest Rape Room, Torture Chamber & Mass Grave Videos" hosted by his pig-Latin-named sons, Uday and eBay.

So to recap: Liberating two tyranny-ruled nations, giving 50 million people an opportunity to determine their own futures; capturing a thug who commited war crimes and thumbed his nose at the UN (while slipping them oil bribes with the other hand) for over a decade; forcing Al Queda to fight on their turf and attack the easily-cowed Europeans who thought that appeasement would bring them safety, etc. makes US the bad guys?!?!?

To quote the angry drunk John Stossell: Give me a f*cking break, Asstackler!


Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah... can't help but blame this on Clinton, can you?

Anyway, I feel a lot safer knowing that the guy who didn't attack us isn't making rape and torture videos anymore, but the guy who orchestrated AND ADMITTED TO attacks on this country is still wandering around sending out love letters to his adoring fans.

Good job, George W. Bush! Keep keeping us safe!

Dirk Belligerent said...

Back for more? Knuckle up, Bub! Here come some numbers, so sharpen your crayons....

Number of attacks on U.S. interests by Al Queda that were unresponded to by the Clinton Regime: 5 (1st WTC attack, Khobar Towers, 2 American Embassies, USS Cole)

Number of times Sudan begged Clinton Regime to take OBH off their hands: 3

Number of people who died as a result of Clinton's inaction and liberalism's final failure of principle on 9/11: 3,000+

Number of attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11: 0

Number of tons of explosives destroyed and/or confiscated in Iraq: 400,000

Number of people liberated in Afghanistan and Iraq: 50,000,000+

Likelihood that liberals would've accomplished as much: <0

I'm sorry that your family refers to you as "our special challenge", but you're living in a fantasy world with the only (mis)information coming from CBS and Michael Moore and as a result, you're embarrassing yourself like the Cardinals pitching staff did as you leave hanging fastballs there for me to smash into the lighting towers.

Do yourself a favor and look up the term "draining the swamp" and understand that unless you saddle up for some away games, you're always going to be counter-punching as your cities are crumbled into dust and gore. (Not Al.)

John Kerry has said that he would never let an attack go unpunished. Well, isn't that sweet of him. They blow up the Sears Tower and we'll crush their mud hut (if France isn't being paid off, that is); L.A. gets nuked and Kofi Anan may let us write a stern letter of disapproval.

Dubya OTOH is like Dennis Miller said on Leno, "You get the feeling he wakes up, puts his feet on the ground, scratches his balls and thinks, 'How can I kill some f*cking terrorists today?'" You may disapprove of the fact he's killing the brutal dictators you seem to admire, but he's doing it for the good of the country and not to suck some Belgian's waffle, ya dig?

Dubya's done precisely two things right as far as I'm concerned: He cut taxes a bit and he recognized that America couldn't just sit back and let Islamofascists take over the world with their medieval tyranny.

Democrats used to understand that American security was Job #1 of the Prez, but that seems to have died with Kennedy (the REAL JFK) and now the bitter losers of the Cold War who consistantly sided against their country in favor of Communists wherever they could find them to fellate.

We ain't going back to 9/10.

Good job, George W. Bush! Keep keeping us safe!

You were being sarcastic, but you accidentally spoke some Truth there, Bub. Must've hurt bad.