Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sorry for the layoff...

When I started Dirkworld, I had plenty of time to expound endlessly on various stuff and nonsense, but the Powers That Be - you know, the folks who give Cordelia the headaches on "Angel" (note: we're only on the first season of the DVDs) - have seen to it that I've been too busy to adequately fill these pages, but please bear with me as I get dug out and enjoy this take on the 3rd Presidential Debate from Protein Wisdom:

John Kerry: “Whatever you need, it’s yours. Need a job? You got it. Need a higher living wage? Done. Need cheap, universal healthcare? I’m your man. Need a better education? have at it, paid in full. Relying on social security for your retirement? I’ll put it in a lock box. Tax relief? I can give you that, too. Want to lose your virginity to a teenage Mexicali hooker and a donkey? I’ll print coupons. And the best part is, every single one of my plans comes with free cole slaw and a plate of homestyle biscuits!”

George Bush: “Anybody who believes this guy can deliver on even one percent of his promises deserves four years of John F’n Kerry. God bless, and good night.”

Don't for get to check back, y'all. :)

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