Sunday, October 24, 2004

Another Reason Why Democrats Are Always Angry?

Could it be the fact that their marquee women are like Madeline Albright (to be played by Danny DeVito in the movie) or Janet Reno (Chewbacca) or this....uh.....lady?

While the Republicans get to claim hotties like:

Could be! ;)

Have a good weekend and don't forget to brag about your education while talking like a dropout!

UPDATE: A comment was posted alleging that the Kerry supporter photo was a fake and/or a fake created my Yours Truly. Well, here's the news story that had the photo and on the right side is this link to the page where I linked the photo from.

After posting your apologies here, why not go bother Dan Rather for his actual lies instead of trying to silence those with whom you disagree? Ta!


Anonymous said...

Kucinic had the best babes, though. Our closest hott call was back when Jerry Brown was in the primaries; I loosely supported him, just because I figured the world would have to appreciate Linda Ronstadt as a First Babe.

"And now, gentlemen, before we begin our State Dinner, Linda would like to do a few new songs for us. Honey? We're ready now. Oh please, Chancellor, give those records to the valet, we'll get them signed for you after we eat."

Anonymous said...

You know, I hate this damn anonymous thingie. That was me, again. - Linus

Anonymous said...

>>>So Barbra Streisand is an Alan Jackson fan? Who'da thought.

Thank you, Allen, for what appears to be yet another attempt at "humor"...

Anonymous said...

That picture is a fake. Theres a thread on with the exact opposite campaign team on it and you can even see where the Dirkster or someone doctored it. Are you kidding me? An Alan Jackson fan vote for Kerry? Stevie Wonder could see through that rouse...-Spook

Dirk Belligerent said...

The link to the photo is and the photo original appeared on a Yahoo News page, but I can't seem find it now via Yahoo's search, though it may be cached at home.

Sorry, but unlike Rather, Moore and the other Lying Liars of the Left, I don't need to fabricate anything and will not knowingly post anything that's false without clearly identifying it as a spoof or of questionable origin. (Like the soldier patch photo.)

It's interesting how if the Left lies, it's no big, but if a non-liberal may be incorrect, watch out!!!

Hypocrisy? Of course. Surprised? Not in the least.