Friday, October 22, 2004

MTV, Get Off The Air...NOW!!!

MTV's Rock The Vote campaign has been sold for a dozen years as a non-partisan outift solely interested in motivating young people to vote, though occasionally chinks in the veneer have happened like when Soundgarden yeowler Chris Cornell public broke with RTV because he felt it was just being used as "Rock The Democratic Vote". (Duh. Surprised?)

I posted earlier about how MTV was using phony draft notices to scare kids into supporting the Annointed One and I see that the California College Republicans are staging protests against these desperate scare tactics. A snip:

“MTV/Rock the Vote is misleading young voters through a campaign of fear that is intended to affect how people vote based on the false premise of a potential draft. Just like John Kerry, MTV/Rock the Vote is lying to my generation to scare us into submission, all the while dishonoring our troops by using their service as an instrument of fear,” said State Chairman of the California College Republicans Michael P. Davidson. “We’re going to take a stand, demand honesty, and let them know that it is our vote, not Viacom’s or MTV’s. We won’t let them dodge the facts to draft us in their cultural war.”

Odds of CBS News reporting this: Nil.

(How about revoking that tax-exempt status, too?)

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