Friday, October 29, 2004

John Kerry: Lying War Fraud. (Duh.)

I'm sure many people passing thru are 110% certain to vote for John Kerry because he is the "anybody but Bush" on the ballot next Tuesday. I've even been told that if the choice was between Dubya and Mussolini, they'd chose ol' Benny cuz they hate Dub with such blazing fury.

OK, fine, you'll vote for a proven liar and ruthless traitor to America just to avenge Al Gore, but while you count down the moments til you can rush off to as many precincts as you can to cast as many fraudulent provisional ballots (works best if you aren't white, BTW) before calling the lawyers to complain that you had to show your ID, take a half-hour and see the latest mini-films from the SwiftVets and POWs for Truth, the folks who have been smeared by Team Kerry's butt monkeys in the media as being partisans while allowing Kerry to cover up his service record which could reveal that he's a self-made war, dontchaknow?

If you've only got time for one film, watch the "No Man Left Behind" episode - it's only 8 minutes, but if you still think Kerry's anything but a self-serving fraud after this, well, vote up, Shriner!

(Hat tip to BeldarBlog.)

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