Tuesday, October 26, 2004

CBS Get Off The Air...NOW!!!!

The details are coming in fast and furious from too many sources to reference here in the time I have available, but if you cruise to the political sites linked at right, you'll see that the Big Lie October Surprise launched by the NY Times to help their Annointed Candidate defeat Dubya is falling apart almost as quickly as a forged memo on 60 Minutes, who, coincidentally, planned to drop this bomb on Sunday night, just in time to try and skew the Election. Is there ANYTHING these liars can be believed about?

The Short Version: The Times reported yesterday that 380 tons of high-explosive material was missing from an Iraqi Army depot. The spin is that Dubya and Halliburton were too busy guarding the Oil Ministry and beating prisoners to watch the store and now our soldiers are getting blown up with the stuff.

The Underreported Details: There are many indications (as mentioned in the post below) that the stuff may've been moved out BEFORE the war even began, not that facts matter much when there's an agenda to serve. Unremarked upon by the MSM hungry to defeat Dubya is that the story is being floated by IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei, who's been slacking on the job since 1997 and wants a 3rd term, but is opposed by the U.S.

Can you say, "Wanting to get some payback with the help of a American media looking for anything that can tear down the President and elect their Annointed Feckless Crapweasel?"

I knew you could.

National Review's award-winning "The Kerry Spot" is on top of things and getting info from people with .mil e-mail addys which give the side of the soldiers that Michael Moore doesn't care about. (He only like his G.I. Joes dead and ready for exploitation and profit.) Read it all.

7 days to go....

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