Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Last Desperate Bleats of a Drowning Feckless Crapweasel (or How the Red Sox Bogarted All the Luck In New England)

With this last minute campaign ad from Osama bin Hagar which sounds like he's been sitting in a cave watching "Centigrade 7-11" since Tubby Riefenstahl dropped off his autographed copy last summer, John Kerry has got to be wondering if his ol' pal Osama really wants him to win or not, cuz it doesn't help that while he's been attacking the troops as idiots for letting .1% of Iraqs explosives go missing (which is still 99.9% more than a President Kerry would've rounded up), John & Jane Q. got a fresh reminder that someone's out their needing killing and he ain't the guy to do it, no matter how much he pretends he wants to.

Before I depart for the long Election weekend, I leave you rabid Dubya haters with a final reminder as to why you're simple-minded plankton in your support of Kerry as the Annointed "Anybody But Bush" and how supporting him is proof that you aren't thinking about anything but revenge for 2000 - nevermind that EVERYONE was happy that Gore wasn't President on 9/11. In fact, now that I think of it, even the tinfoil hat crowd never says that Gore would've done everything better like Kerry does. Wow.

The kind people over at the Captain's Quarters lay the smack down on JFingK's typically shameful and childish outbursts today:

I'm not suggesting that John Kerry shelve his campaign in the face of the OBL videotape. Doing so only gives the Islamofascist mass murderer a political victory. However, Kerry should have stuck to the facts instead of promoting what is, at best, mere speculation about bin Laden's whereabouts in December 2001. He also should quit promoting that intellectually lazy "outsourcing" line that has been proven false and misleading. The statement is also wildly hypocritical considering that his major policy stance in Iraq is to attempt to "outsource" the democratization of the newly liberated Iraqis to the UN, guided by the famous democracies of Syria and China, and the paragons of virtue that are France and Russia.

In engaging in rank demagoguery and using OBL's threats as an explicit inspiration, he makes bin Laden a legitimate voice in the election -- exactly what OBL intended. His empty assertions that he would have poured men and materials into Tora Bora based on hazy intelligence on one man's whereabouts, and into an area in which the US military had lukewarm expertise, instead of our partners whose intimate knowledge of the terrain and quite frankly were expendable while we kept our options open, shows the shallowness of his understanding of military strategy -- as well as the falsity of his oft-stated emphasis on building alliances.

Bush needs to keep up the pressure on Kerry for his reliance on the appearance of America's enemies to make his case for the presidency. We knew where Hitler was in 1944, too, and Hirohito as well. Did Wendell Wilkie hold press conferences blaming Roosevelt for their continued existence in order to convince voters of his qualifications as commander in chief? No. Wilkie had what Kerry does not -- a love of country that outstripped his personal ambitions, and the class to understand that Hitler and Hirohito were the enemy, while Roosevelt was merely Wilkie's opponent. It's a lesson that the Left in this country still hasn't learned, and hopefully American voters will teach them that lesson on Tuesday.

Of course, if you're sympathetic to Kerry's anti-American leanings, this will only make you want to vote for him more, won't it?

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