Thursday, October 28, 2004

John Kerry Hates American Soldiers!!! (Duh.)

You may've heard rumors that Kerry served in Viet Nam (No? Yes!) and lots of references to his "Band of Brothers", you know, those guys who he abandoned in the jungles of Nam the moment he was able to forge enough Purple Hearts to bug out of country and leave others to "die for a mistake...for a lie." Of course, the same lying crapbag who says that Iraq wasn't a threat to the United States also says that he proudly "defended America" from the.....uh....Viet Namese. Cuz they were gonna come over here and get us, dontcha know? Um....

If Dubya hadn't been a total liberal whore for media acceptance - the fat lot of good it did him - and had resisted his urge to outspend LBJ and cynically trashed the Constitution for dubious reasons and the Election was solely about the War on Terror, I wouldn't have a second thought about recommending his re-election, especially since the alternative is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Yeah, it's thin gruel to say "Don't vote for that guy, but I'm not voting for this guy either," but to say that it's not possible to do worse than the current occupant of the Oval Office is just wrong. It is and this Hugh Hewitt column at the Weekly Standard sums up the overlooked (and under-reported) fact that John Kerry has built his entire political life on the foundation of trashing his "Band of Brothers" and the American military. As posted before, he believes that it's only OK for U.S. soldiers to die in service of the UN, not the U.S.

JOHN KERRY now closes his presidential campaign exactly as he opened his political life: Attacking the United States military.

Thirty-three years ago, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he indicted the soldiers of Vietnam as war criminals, the heirs of Genghis Khan.

This week he embraced an already discredited account of missing munitions to attack the reputation of the 3rd Infantry Division and the 101st Airborne. Make no mistake, that is exactly what Kerry is doing when he asserts that deadly weapons went unsecured and unreported as these two divisions rushed to liberate Baghdad. And not just these divisions, but every officer and soldier who had a hand in drawing up the war plan. If the negligence that Kerry charges the military with was real, additional troops would not have made a difference. The initial search would still have been conducted by the 3rd I.D. and the site pronounced clear. The 101st would still have spent 24 hours in the munitions complex before moving on. Kerry cannot avoid owning the latest of many slanders he has launched at the military as a means of wounding the president.

That the story was floated by a Bush foe in the U.N. bureaucracy at the IAEA did not discourage Kerry. Nor did the evident pretzel logic of condemning the war while bemoaning the huge danger of Saddam's arsenal. The facts on the myth of the missing munitions are available at The Belmont Club and Instapundit, but facts did not matter to Kerry at all, nor the reputations of the soldiers he charged with allowing massive amounts of deadly munitions to go missing.

THIS ELECTION has had a Greek Chorus--the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the POWs who testified in Stolen Honor. The mainstream media did not want to hear this chorus, even when the first volley aimed at Kerry successfully exposed his fabricated tale of a secret mission to Cambodia on Christmas Eve, 1968--an episode Kerry asserted on the floor of the Senate was "seared, seared" into his memory. The mainstream media has refused to question Kerry on his other accounts of incredible adventures transporting CIA men up river and running guns to anti-communist Cambodians, afraid perhaps to pull on a thread that might leave the candidate exposed as a serial fabulist. Despite the hostility, the chorus has kept chanting, this week even, pointing to meetings Kerry held in Paris with the North Vietnamese.

I am grateful for their work, especially this week as Kerry lashes out again at the men and women in uniform. Many times over his long political career Kerry has taken credit for missions he did not undertake and successes in war he did not achieve. What a sharp contrast with his attempt this week to deny credit to active duty soldiers for missions that really did occur and which really did succeed.

The left genuinely hates these veterans of that long ago war: for refusing to shut up and sit down; for questioning the pose struck by Kerry long ago; for rekindling memories of a war that, once lost, resulted in the death of millions.

The veterans' real significance has been to keep the question of fitness for command front and center for the past three months. The Kerry campaign has been almost all low ball--from the moment he blamed the Secret Service agent for his fall on the slopes, to his venom picked up by a mike he thought was off to his, his staff's, and Elizabeth Edwards's abuse of Mary Cheney's privacy to his wife's condescension towards Laura Bush. And when not low ball, he was bouncing a pitch at Fenway and bagging (or not) a goose in full hunting regalia. Kerry's not a closer: He's a poser, or maybe what the Canadians would call a hoser.

But what he most certainly is not is a commander-in-chief.

The Left has slurred most of this Administration as "chicken hawks" because they use military force while skipping military service - though Dubya served and didn't get credit either, so it doesn't matter to them when they'll just lie anyways - but it's interesting that their Annointed Candidate is far worse than a chicken hawk, he's a sheep in wolves clothing - talking tough, but ALWAYS ready to side AGAINST America, AGAINST our soldiers and AGAINST our security.

Don't take my word for it - take his. Those being the words he said before he decided it was time to pretend he was something he never was: A proud American.

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