Saturday, June 18, 2005

You go, girl!!!

For the first time in 52-years, the Air Force "Thunderbirds," will have a female pilot. Capt. Nicole Malachowski joins the 2006 Thunderbird team as the first female demonstration pilot on any U.S. military high performance jet team.

Of course, the moment she crashes (heaven forbid), much teeth-gnashing will be done about whether women are up to the job, something that never occurs when men crash.


allen said...

I hope she has more skills and fares better then Kara Hultgren. One sacrifice to the gods of political correctness is one too many.

kristin said...

hi, dirk. we both contributed to jett's blog in her absence, although i'm not familiar with you or your blog. however, i've just had an email from a woman @ spin magazine who is interested in your "live photography". she wanted your email address, which she couldn't find and i don't have. (seriously, i'm not kidding.) so, send me an email, and i'll forward the note from her. (kristintracy76 at gmail dot com)