Friday, June 03, 2005

The Great Satan Predicts: Michael Jackson Walks.

Unfortunately I tend to agree.

Though I am 100% in the belief that Jackson has molested this boy and countless others, DA Sneddon has presented a horrible case against Jackson bordering on negligent in my view ranking up there with the Chris Darden/Marcia Clark fiasco with the gloves in the OJ trial and the Lance Ito negligence in his allowance of the irrelevant Mark Furhman "nigger" tapes.


I really think the jury is going to buy into the boy's mother as a scumbag meme, they also will rightfully ignore the poor case presented in the conspiracy portion, what I'm not 100% on is the molestation charges, but here is where my prediction could get trounced, if the jury actually looks past the poor testimony and decides to pull a reverse OJ, slamming someone on shoddy evidence knowing full well that the person has done something in the past that he should have gotten nailed on.

Part of me thinks that Sneddon is fully aware that he has lost this case, and now hes just trying to damage Jacksons public image as much as possible in hopes that it will at least stem the tide of children sleeping with Jackson, at least here in the US.

One thing all this L.A. law has taught me: If I'm gonna kill someone, I'm gonna do it in L.A., yo!

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