Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Namby-Pamby Nation

My favorite conservative hottie, Michelle Malkin, has a great piece about how liberals are destroying the very children they pretend to care about by making them into pacifist wimps. Well, duh.

White House senior adviser Karl Rove caused a firestorm last week after observing that liberals favor "therapy and understanding" to fight terrorism in a post-Sept. 11 world.

Rove spoke the truth. But he barely scratched the surface.

The left-wing Kumbaya crowd is quietly grooming a generation of pushovers in the public schools. At a time of war, when young Americans should be educated about this nation's resilience and steely resolve, educators are indoctrinating students with saccharine-sticky lessons on "non-violent conflict resolution" and "promoting constructive dialogues."

Peaceniks are covering our kids from head to toe in emotional bubble wrap. They are creating a nation of namby-pambies.

In their brilliant book "One Nation Under Therapy," Christina Hoff Sommers and Sally Satel diagnosed the public school's pacifist pathology dead on:

"American children badly need moral clarity. But our education establishment is too uneasy about the idea of moral judgment to meet this elementary need. Feelings of helplessness and disorientation are thoroughly, even compulsively, canvassed, elicited, discussed, and promoted; by contrast, feelings of moral indignation and condemnation are deflected and downplayed. This leaves children defenseless, clueless and unprepared to meet real and grave threats to their own and the nation's future."

Just what we need to combat throat-slitting, suicide plane-flying Islamists: young eunuchs swaying to moldy old folk music while their "Peace Place" signs flap in the wind.

This is why liberals oppose school choice: They can't brainwash and indoctrinate the children when they're not in their clutches. Properly educated children won't submit to their fascist thug tactics, so it's better to program to be pliant sheeple than just shoot them in the street. Saves on bullets, too!

The moment I saw the 2nd plane slam into the WTC on 9/11, I knew three things in that instant:

1. We were under attack.
B. The Era of Kumbayah was over.
3. The weakass muthaf*ckas who let this happen and refuse to fight back must NEVER be allowed to reassume power.

We need to destroy the government indoctrination system, too. Unfortunately, the desire to shut down the Dept. of Education that existed after Newt and the REAL conservative Republicans liberated the Congress from Dem control has died and been replaced by pale socialists like Dubya and the morons of the Stupid Party who've come up with crap like "No Child Left Unprogrammed" and bankrupted the country with their profligate spending.

Thanks for nothing, asstacklers. F*ck you, ya stupid bitches! :|

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