Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Paula Abdul Times Ten!!!

The fireworks pre-show is running here right now and they have their usual Star Search style local singer competition running. These are usually fairly innocuous affairs with cheesy songs done by marginal voices. No biggie, right?

Well, I was in the other room hanging some clothes and the sounds of animal slaughter came wafting in as "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" was mercilessly turned into a treat for only the deaf and dying by some dorky looking dweeb who probably still gets money for his birthday in envelopes that show the President's face thru the front.

Anyhoo, after this performance that made Paul Simon even more morose, they had the judges put Abdul's shameless self-esteem fluffing to shame by giving this kid the highest score! A girl who actually did a good job with a country song didn't advance while this Smedley gets to ride the Mediocrity Elevator to the top.

Disgusting, yet so typical.

UPDATE: Dumbass WON! William Hung, watch out!!!!

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