Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lies, Damned Lies and the Statistics That Disprove Them.

We hear the race hustlers (Jackson, Sharpton, Rangel et al) constantly yammering about how the Iraq War is disproportionately killing "people of color". Well, check this out and see just how it breaks down.

BTW: Dubya is going to be making a speech tonight about the war and the MSM is fronting it with plenty of "WE'RE DOOMED!!!! AMERICA HAS FAILED!!!!" coverage. Sure, this is the normal take, but they're really trying to make it impossible for Dubya to give a rousing pep talk by inculcating the not-so-subtle message that he's lying.

This from the people who take trumped-up complaints from jihadists at face value and smear our troops and then turn around and paint the government as all liars, all the time. Government IS evil, but the press only seems to notice when Dems aren't in power.

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