Thursday, June 16, 2005

Regarding: The Terri Schiavo Autopsy Results

So the autopsy report for Terri Schiavo came out yesterday and that wicked crone, Randi Rhodes, had great sport in insulting those against the slow-motion murder of an invalid and blah-blah-woof-woof. (When she gets ass cancer, I'll be sure to call her up and snicker at her expense too, but whatever.)

The pro-death side is cheering Terri's shrunken brain as justification for her murder, but all along I've wondered why her rat-bastard husband was so opposed to letting the family take care of her and prevented treatment YEARS AGO when it may've helped or a MRI today that would've revealed the atrophy? Why was it necessary to murder Terri to get her looked at?

Rhodes, in her anti-Christian ravings, said within moments of each other that Terri was beyond help AND that stem cells - harvested from aborted fetuses, no doubt - would've helped her. Huh?!? PICK ONE, YOU WICKED LUNATIC!!!

K. J. Lopez had this comment on The Corner:

Her parents and younger siblings were happy to care for her. They had the resources. There was no written indication of what she wanted. She was alive (though John and others may debate that). Nothing that came out today changes that, so far as I can tell (and I haven’t read the report yet, unfortunately crashing on other things and dealing with some problems you want to know nothing about). The medical examiner said today that the video interaction everyone saw of Terri Schiavo and her parents wasn't impossible. It seems what we learned today is that she was clearly in a very bad way and that, in fact, she was not going to get better—something there were questions about. So many of us have had to live through the horrendous pain of watching a loved one die, as their organs fail one by one, for instance. That's the natural death (no machines, just basic nourishment) her family would have opted for, as the autopsy seems to indicate would have eventually happened (vs. the rehab they were holding onto hope for). But that she died of court-ordered dehydration is a sad thing, in my humble opinion, and all the more reason people should think about these things now.

That's the other bit of double-speak Rhodes and the Left spewed: They said that Terri was so brain-rotted that she didn't feel anything and didn't notice that she was being dried out cruelly AND that she was suffering from broken bones from osteoporosis from being in a PVS. PICK ONE, FOLKS!!! She's either suffering or not - which is it?!?

Could Terri have been helped if she was remanded to her parents care instead of being treated as the rat-bastard's chattel? Probably not - it would've been more useful if done 10 years ago - but it's likely that she'd be alive today and not dead and generally, I'm in favor of keeping innocent people alive instead of murdering them in a manner a dog wouldn't have to suffer.

Terri's dead and her rat-bastard husband, Randi Rhodes and the wicked liberal ghouls are happy about it. Happy. Happy that someone helpless is dead.

Never forget that: Liberals worship death and darkness and will KILL anything that gets in their way.


Anonymous said...

Well, you don't disappoint, that's for sure.

Still you slander the husband, even when the autopsy proved him right. Terri wasn't living, she was existing, and she'd NEVER get better. Anyone who said otherwise was WRONG and/or LYING.

And on the Randi Rhodes tip: I hate to burst your bubble, but Air America archives all their broadcasts...

...which means anyone can go there, download the entire 06.15.2005 show in MP3 format and hear her words for themselves, not your dishonest interpretation of what she said.

"They said that Terri was so brain-rotted that she didn't feel anything and didn't notice that she was being dried out cruelly AND that she was suffering from broken bones from osteoporosis from being in a PVS. PICK ONE, FOLKS!!! She's either suffering or not - which is it?!?"

What she actually said was that you right-wing kooks claimed she had broken bones from abuse, and that any fractures were likely from a combination of osteoporosis and lying supine for more than a decade, because bones were not designed for that kind of constant stress. She did NOT say that she was "suffering from osteoporosis" in the sense of "in pain", rather in the way you'd say someone was "suffering" from arthritis, which is to say "afflicted with". She never at any point said Terri was in pain.

You are a shallow and vile creature, so enraptured with your own twisted sense of "moral superiority" that you'll lash out and everyone and anyone so you don't have to apologize for being so utterly and completely wrong.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Yawn. Feeling better now?

The Rat Bastard husband refused to allow Terri to receive physical therapy which would've prevented atrophy-related damage. I guess that doesn't count, cuz it doesn't support your view that this woman was nothing but chattel to be disposed of when she became inconvenient and costly.

For all your shrill ranting and name-calling, you're ignoring the fact that the fascist Left is a death-enthralled secular religion of hypocrisy and lies. If you folks could just fess up to your totalitarian dreams and utter contempt for those who disagree, we could possibly have a productive dialogue.

Allowing unfiltered (within reason) lunatic comments from readers like you and encouraging people to check out hatemongers like Randi Rhodes for themselves is because nothing better illustrates the hatred and insanity of your side better than you people yourselves!!! I don't have to call you moonbats - you show up and demonstrate your hate!!! Huzzah!!!

Bottom line: The Rat Bastard and the Left wanted to kill a helpless woman because that's how y'all get your rocks off. It gets you as hard as a warm Tootsie Roll when you can kill someone and it'll piss off those Jesusland folks, right?

Yet you don't like the death penalty for murderers, do you?