Saturday, June 04, 2005

It's Official! Randi Rhodes is Nucking Futs!!!

Listen to the Queen of Wonderland as she was braying that they were gonna impeach Dubya and Cheney when she got a call from some guy who thought that by talking that way, it was alienating people who may agree.

She went off on the poor chump, demanding that he explain why he'd respect a [bad person] like Dubya. Whenever he started to get a second sentence out, she'd cut him off and then hung up on him. She said he should call back and then ranted like a loon. After the break, the guy was back and she demanded that he answers questions asked while he was cut off and when he tried to get the question again, she yelled over him and insulted him and called him an idiot.

Yep, that liberal tolerance on display.

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