Thursday, June 16, 2005

La Shawn Barber on Anti-Lynching Legislation

I need to put a permanent link to her site at right because she's been coming up with lots of good stuff like this piece railing against the Senate's "apology" for now passing "Anti-Lynching Legislation" a century ago. She ain't having none of this malarkey!

In light of the serious problems we face in the world and our own country, I think this apology is one of the dumbest, emptiest, most politically correct pile of rubbish I’ve heard in a long time.

We’ve got fanatics trying to kill us all in the name of their god and hiding among us. We’re being taxed to death taking care of deadbeats and criminals, while President Bush is sending even more of our money to brutal dictators in Africa. And the Senate apologizes for failing to pass anti-lynching laws 100 years ago?

Perhaps Congress should apologize for decades of bloated socialist programs that caused the black family to disintegrate. Paying unmarried women to have babies is obscene, immoral, and the reason so many (too many) black children have no fathers to speak of. Treating blacks like dummies who require separate (LOWER) standards than every other race is offensive. I’m offended. Where is my apology?

Generations of blacks have been lulled into feeding from the government trough, and the damage it caused will reverberate for generations. And those numbskulls down the street are apologizing for failing to pass anti-lynching laws 100 years ago. Lord, give me strength.

I’m sick of politicians wasting time and money pandering to blacks, treating us like empty-headed children, spoon-feeding us putrid pabulum, and prostrating themselves for every perceived slight. Don’t apologize to “Black People.” Apologize to individual blacks who actually care about this mess.

Apologize for failing to protect Americans against foreign invaders. Apologize for taking our hard-earned money and giving it to people who don’t want to earn it themselves. Apologize for constantly referring to me as “African American,” implying that I’m a lesser American than everyone else. Apologize to all Americans for pushing racially divisive entitlements and preferences and insane “hate crime” laws. Thanks to your misguided paternalism, racial tension will always be front and center.

Freedom is more important than all the apologies, handouts, and excuses Congress could ever come up with. I’m living in the best country in the world, and I’d never be freer anywhere else. To blacks who grew up believing America was the most racist place on earth, if you no longer believe that and realize freedom, the right to be left alone, is the only apology you need, demand that from your senators.

Neal Boortz: “As with slavery, civil rights and the lynchings, no one stood in the way more than the Democratic party. It is the shameful legacy of the Democrats at the time, not of our entire nation. People like Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd, the current Democratic Senator from West Virginia. But in a revisionist sleight of hand, you won’t see this mentioned much in the mainstream press….Which makes it all the more confusing as to why so many black folks pledge their wholesale allegiance to the Democratic party these days.”

I've wondered repeatedly here why so many women and minorities continue to support the fascist traitors of the Democratic Party. I guess it's their "choice" to choose slavery under the tyranical jackboots of the Left, but why do the rest of us have to suffer?

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