Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Why aren't these jokers boycotting Paris Hilton?

While driving home today, I caught Michael Medved's radio show and his guest was Negative Conservative Stereotype Dr. Don Wildmon promoting the American Family Association's new jihad against Ford Motor Co. for their unpardonable crime of wanting to sell cars to gay people via advertising in gay publications ("Fabulous Illustrated" and "Do Go There! Travel Monthly?) and pandering by offering to make contributions to gay causes with every sale.

This brings up a very important question....


While the agenda of the Left is nothing less than the total destruction of moral culture, the hypocrisy of the Religious Right on this issue is galling and counter-productive. When the fascist Left routinely smears people of faith as homophobic bigots, it's not very helpful to the cause to live up to the worst version of the smear, is it?

I'm sorry, but when professional skanks like Paris Hilton are getting "married" after knowing their current f*ck partner for FIVE MONTHS and Britney Spears is married to a trifling wigga lowlife who has not one, but TWO kids out of wedlock with a woman he unceremoniously dumped so he could start plugging the Pop Tart with spunk enough to make Christina Aguillera look like a choir girl and I know gay people who've been in steady relationships for a DECADE, arguing that the "sacred institution of marriage" will be debased by allowing homosexuals some sort of equivalency is preposterous.

Sorry, Doc, but Paris and Britney have done debased marriage in ways that Elton and George can hardly imagine.

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