Thursday, June 16, 2005

Racist Liberals Threaten Blacks in the Name of "Fairness".

If you needed any reminding that liberalism is a racist ideology, look no further than Gun charge dropped over suspicion of bias which says:

A weapons charge against a 29-year-old Detroit man was dropped Wednesday after prosecutors refused to submit enough information to help a federal judge decide whether an antigun program unfairly targets black people.

U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood dismissed the charge -- being a felon in possession of a firearm -- against James Thorpe, who was arrested by Detroit police in 2003 while sleeping in a car. They found a pistol in the vehicle.

Thorpe, who had a prior criminal conviction and wasn't permitted to have a firearm, was prosecuted federally under the Project Safe Neighborhoods program, which has stiffer sentences than state law.

His lawyer, David Steingold of Detroit, asked prosecutors to produce information including statistics showing how many cases are accepted or rejected for the program by race to determine whether the project discriminates against blacks, as several criminal defense lawyers contend.

Steingold said he is happy for his client, whom Hood previously released on bond, but is disappointed that Hood didn't hold prosecutors in contempt of court for failing to produce the data.

Hood said she is considering dismissing a second felon-in-possession case for similar reasons.

Department of Justice officials said the program benefits law-abiding African Americans because it removes gun-toting felons and reduces gun violence in black neighborhoods.

Nice. The issue isn't whether a felon has a gun, it's whether the Feds are catching too many BLACK felons with guns. So much for color-blind justice and a society where all men are created equal. Felons with guns are being issued "Get Out of Jail FREE" cards if they're part of a Designated Grievance Class. We can't hold today's criminals responsible because of slavery, which ended 140 years ago, for those not keeping score.

Drive thru an urban neighborhood and check out the "ghetto gates" and bars on the windows of the houses. How often do we hear of children burned to death when trapped in these self-imposed prisons? Who are these bars supposed to keep out? White people? HA!!!!

This Thorpe character probably had a record for preying on his fellow black and instead of protecting blacks from further danger, lawyers and liberal judges are playing the Race Card to keep the wolves free amongst the sheep.

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