Thursday, June 02, 2005

Why You Should Listen To Liberal Hate Speech Radio.

During my commute home (depending on how late I work), I've got a few options for news/talk listening if I'm not in the mood to hook up the iToonz cuz there is no tolerable music radio station in this town.

There's NPR's "All Things Considered", which is reliably liberal but I've also heard some really good records reviewed that I've gone out and bought.

Sean Hannity's tape-delayed yapping is an option, but you only need to listen to an hour a week to know what's new because every other stinking minute of the show is him hyping his Freedom Concert, who'll be on that evening's "Hannity & Colmes", blah-blah-woof-woof ad naseum. Boring and a waste of time.

Michael Savage is a weird bird. The media have tarred him as a homophobe and from what I've heard, he isn't a 'phobe, but he's got little use for the gay agenda and doesn't mince words about it. Of course, in the Left's Orwellian view, anything less than total love is hate and that means he's an enemy to be thrashed. Whatever.

My problem with Savage is that he gets too hung up minor stuff and goes plum loco over it, effectively burying any good parts under the BS. He did at least THREE DAYS of rage over Laura Bush's stand-up schtick at the White House Correspondents Dinner and was howling that the joke about Dubya trying to milk a male horse was a sick gay joke and that the Dubya's were selling out the conservatives that voted him into office and pandering to the "Queer Eye" crowd. Utter lunacy.

Besides, hasn't he heard that Team Dubya are a plotting gay genocide with their Jesus freak pals at Halliburton?

That brings us to the shrill harpie and supposedly the best host on Air AmeriKKKa, Randi Rhodes. I've mentioned this lying sack of liberal manure before in connection with her "jokes" (her term) about Dubya needing to be assassinated, something for which she apologized for (with her fingers crossed behind her hump) so as not to face criminal charges. This is your tolerent Left, don't you know?

Well, after listening to her braying about how Mark "Deep Throat" Felt was such a hero and how Ben Stein (she said Rush Limbaugh - facts are just annoyances to liberals) was trying to reverse history when he pointed out that getting Nixon led to the Cambodian genocide, I've decided that MORE people should listen to her lunatic ravings for a very simple reason:

Reality is exactly 180 degrees opposite from what she's talking about.

If you listen to her bilous show and invert what she says, you'll arrive at what the Truth is. She is such a pathological (and typical) liberal, she says that day is night, up is down, Left is right and the Right is wrong.

Tonight, she actually - I'm not kidding - blamed the invention of crack cocaine on Oliver North(?!?) and said that all the kids killed in drive-by shootings were his fault.

Once again, I'm not kidding.

If you have an opportunity to listen to her show, by all means soak up the lies and sycophantic phone calls - I've NEVER heard an opposing viewpoint voiced, unlike some calls Rush takes - and keep in mind that everything she says is a lie and that reality is only a mirror away. You're welcome.

(Note: This post was slightly edited to tidy up language and clarity.)

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