Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bad Mother-of-the-Year Contender

Saw a link to this CNN.com story on The Corner. Crap like this makes you want to support abortion for PARENTS!

The mother of a 12-year-old boy killed in his own home by one of the family's two pit bulls says she had been so concerned about one of the dogs that she shut her son in the basement to protect him.

Maureen Faibish said she ordered Nicholas to stay in the basement while she did errands on June 3, the day he was attacked by one or both of the dogs.

She said she was worried about the male dog, Rex, who was acting possessive because the female, Ella, was in heat.

"I put him down there, with a shovel on the door," Faibish said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. "And I told him: 'Stay down there until I come back.' Typical Nicky, he wouldn't listen to me."

Nicholas apparently found a way to open the basement door.

Despite her concerns about Rex that day, Faibish told the newspaper: "My kids got along great with (the dogs). We were never seeing any kind of violent tendencies."

Faibish found her son's body in a bedroom. He was covered in blood from several wounds, including a major head injury.

No charges have been filed.

No charges?!?! Jeez, what if this stupid bitch left a GUN lying around and Junior aired himself out with it, would no charges be filed in that case?!?

Couldn't take the kid with you, could you? Couldn't get dogs that aren't bred to be killers, could you?

As usual, the innocent die and the stupid go unpunished. They should starve those dogs to near collapse and then toss this pathetic woman into the pit with them covered in A1 BBQ sauce.

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Anonymous said...

Never mind this story, plz post your apology to Michael Schiavo. I mean, it was -you- who posted this, yes?

"But as long as we're being forced to accept the uncorraborated word of a weasel who may have precipitated her condition in the first place - read: he may've tried to kill her 15 years ago and needs her dead to prevent her squealing on him - I don't think sitting silently is an acceptable option."

I'm sure you haven't heard it yet because Kooky Wingnut Radio hasn't covered it, but Schiavo's autopsy report says "no abuse, brain half-sized, totally blind, no recovery possible... you vile douchebags".

I can't wait to see your gymnastics on this one.