Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What's For Dinner Tonight?

And how does it compare to what the poor babies at Gitmo are having?

F*ck Turbin Durbin! F*ck the Democrat traitors! And f*ck John McCain - someone who should know what REAL torture is about (if his legend is to be believed) - for sitting silently while our soldiers are slandered because he and his Dem pals have a vendetta against Dubya!!!

They certainly whine that their patriotism is being challenged. Well, I don't think it's being challenged enough! WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON, PEOPLE?!?!? I get it that you hate America and hate Dubya with a white-hot fury, but where do y'all get off telling us that you're MORE patriotic as you paint bullseyes on our fighting men and women for petty partisan political gain?!?



Anonymous said...

They eat better than me. Tell me they don't have cable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Democrats are treasonous and seditious!!! Why, every morning I receive my marching orders from Tehran, though some mornings the orders I receive from Havana are contradictory. When that's the case, it's up to Beijing to decide how I'm going to usurp America in the name of the Democratic Party. Viva la anyone but America!!!!

PS -- Coulter called. She wants her schtick back.