Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Operation Steal Election: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

As the lunatics of the Left have been running around shrieking that Dubya "stole" his elections via voter intimidation (a lie), Supreme Court interdiction (another lie and funny considering how the Left loves it when the Court shoves stuff they like down our throats), rigged electronic voting machines (paranoia, but there should be a paper trail) and anything else other than the fact that fewer people liked their lousy, lying candidates, they've ignored the theft of the Washington gubernatorial race by their side.

Well, they got away with it. The judge ruled that because the Stupid Party side couldn't prove who the fraudulent votes were cast for, then the fake votes created by the Dem machine would have to count. Absolute madness and a harbinger of the massive coup this successful proof-of-concept will bring.

Dems can't win legitimately, so they'll just steal the vote now and battle for control of the judiciary to fabricate laws by fiat. Voting has now been rendered a useless ceremony. Pardon me while I go throw up.

Michelle Malkin has a wrap-up of this tragedy. Will this energize even more conservative voters than the Left's anti-Christian jihad did in '04?

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