Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why does Al Gore's Nashville Mansion Use More Than 20 Times As Much Electricity As The National Average?

a) Entire east wing is walk-in fridge for snacks

b) Tipper says there's no point listening to Cannibal Corpse if you don't TURN THAT $#!+ UP, YO!!!

c) Bush stole all the off-switches

d) Needs to run the AC non-stop to keep his daughters from burning the place down with their hotness

e) He's building a Death Star

Cast your vote here.

When you're done, check out who has a home that is surprisingly "green" - in fact, so environmentally friendly that he could (and should) call out ManBearPig on his hypocrisy.

It's funny to see who actually walks it without talking it; not that the Treason Media would actually report these really inconvenient truths.

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